10 Strategies to Grow Your Website Traffic Using Pinterest

10 Ways to Grow Your Website Traffic Using Pinterest

Did you know… that Pinterest is the best platform for making sales. Most people go on Pinterest looking for recipes, meal plans, DIY projects right? So it would make sense considering these people are usually in a purchase or consumption state of mind.

But Shopify did a study to back up these assumptions and found that Pinterest drives the highest revenue per transaction when compared to any of the other major social channels. Woah. Congrats to you for picking a winning platform to focus your energy on and build steady traffic to your website.

In this guide I’ll be sharing all the tips and tricks for optimizing your Pinterest strategy to send the most traffic back to your website! It’s quite exciting to see your website traffic analytics eclipse new milestones every month.

This is what’s currently occurring in my online business.

The Pinterest traffic strategies outlined in today’s guide helped me take my traffic from 2,000 visitors per month to nearly 8,000 in just the first few months of using Pinterest. Check out my traffic growth chart I shared in the April 2017 Income Report.

website traffic pinterest

You can see the traffic was flat until February 2017 when I decided to step away from my 28,000 Instagram followers and focus on building traffic using Pinterest. The spikes are viral pins!

Each month, you’ll get to see my progress and updates in these monthly income reports as I continue running case studies on website traffic generation using Pinterest.

If you’re ready, then let’s dive into today’s 10 step guide to using Pinterest for driving traffic back to your blog or website!

10 Effective Pinterest Strategies to Grow Your Website Traffic

1.  Add Keywords to your Pinterest Business name.

Instead of just putting your name, make sure to add keywords that describe your brand. For example, I used Ask Nick Foy (Business + Marketing Tips) to tell visitors my page is going to help them learn business and marketing.

2. Create a board titled “YourDomainName.com”

Create a board for your website, giving it the title of your website domain name. Make this board the first one on your profile that visitors see, showcasing all of your blog content. This allows people to browse through all of your blog posts in one easy location.

3. Create boards related to your business

Create boards that fit into the topics that you focus on in your business. For example, my profile showcases boards focusing on blogging, online business, email marketing, launch strategy, social media, etc. and then filling those boards with a mix of AskNickFoy.com content, along with curated content from other respected sources.

4. Create a few lifestyle boards

Create “lifestyle” boards that help to humanize your brand and create an overall aesthetic for the profile. This includes boards like creative art, travel, color + pattern, home, style, etc.

5. Add a detailed description for each board

Write a FULL detailed description for each board. This means it is 2-4 sentences long, and includes as many targeted keywords as possible without keyword stuffing.

6. Join relevant group boards to speed up growth

Join group boards that fit with your blog’s niche/industry AND get a good number of re-pins. It’s not worth joining group boards unless it’s helping to get your pins re-pinned more.

7. Fill up your Pinterest Boards

Create a full profile of boards and fill them up. Ask Nick Foy now has a total of 35 boards, with each of them having at least 15 pins in them to get started. This gives your profile a “complete and established” look.

8. Create a group board to build your tribe/community

Create a group board that you’ll be the host of to help grow your follower numbers and Pinterest reach quicker. This is a recommended step if you already have an established brand. You can grow your community on Pinterest just like with Facebook groups.

9. Sign up for Tailwind

Sign up for a Tailwind account (it’s very cheap and affordable). Then set your Pinning Schedule to about 25-40 pins per day, that is a mix of your own content and others’ content, as well as pinning to group boards.

10. Show thanks to your repinners

Use the website pinterest.com/source/(websiteURL) to find other pinners that are pinning your content, and like those pins as a way to say thanks, and encourage additional interaction in the future.

Final Thoughts on Pinterest Traffic Growth

If you’re still doubting the power of Pinterest in sending traffic to your blog, here is a statistic that really pumps you up and makes you feel good about spending more time on Pinterest than other platforms.

Pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet, with the retweet average hitting only 1.4%. And, as for Facebook, the half-life of a pin is 1,6000x longer than a Facebook post (see here for more stats!).

Crazy right? Every hour you invest wisely into Pinterest is paying bigger dividends compared to the other social media platforms.

Start off with these 10 tips we covered today to optimize your Pinterest strategy and make sure to download the free cheatsheet!

Pinterest Traffic Growth Cheatsheet

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Pinterest Traffic Growth Checklist

Use this cheatsheet to help you create the perfect Pinterest strategy for driving insane amounts of traffic to your website from Pinterest. This is a must have resource for Pinterest beginners!

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