April 2017 Income Report

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What’s up friends!

I’ve decided to begin sharing monthly income reports again and this is the first one published on the AskNickFoy.com blog. Previous income reports can be found on Under30wealth.com but their format is going to differ as a I mentioned in this post.

Let’s address why you are here today.

You are a blogger and/or online business owner grinding each day to grow your business. Right?

So today it’s totally cool to take a break from your hustle and read some inspiring content about bloggers making income. I used to do it too.

But I want to caution you about your consume vs create ratio.

It’s great to see what others are doing and all for educational purposes but don’t let it start deterring from your productivity on your own business.

I used to spend a few hours each week reading income reports from multiple bloggers, like Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.com who inspires the heck out of many of us.

But I would spend 3-4 hours putting in work on my blog for every 1 hour I was consuming content from other bloggers.

I had an 80/20 ratio of create vs consume.

Now that we’ve addressed this, I do love that you’re here reading my income report because it will be educational and give you a clearer perspective on how to build a successful blog. It can be discouraging and confusing at times running your blog so after taking a peak at what I’m up to you’ll come away with new motivation and ideas.

This is what you’re looking for right?

So the question I face today is how can I make my income reports addicting so you come back for more each month?

How do I make them stand out compared to other blogger’s income reports?

And how do I make them so good that my audience shares them on their social media platforms to help me reach a wider audience and grow my blog’s traffic?

Let’s see what magic we can make happen and leave below in the comments any features you enjoyed or wish to see in future income reports!

How to Make Money Blogging – April Review Video

April 2017 Income

  • GolfPracticeGuides.com Product Sales – $1,467
  • Amazon Kindle eBook Sales – $42
  • Consulting – $140
  • YouTube Ads – $5
  • Sponsored Instagram Posts – $60
  • Affiliate Income – $74

Total Income – $1,788 (at this rate I’d earn $21,456 annually)

One of my early mentors always stressed that you need multiple sources of income. Just like people diversify in the stock market, you must diversify your income. When someone has one income source, THEIR JOB, and they get fired. Poof! Their stress level spikes and their income disappears.

So you’ll noticed how my income reports feature multiple streams of income as do many other top bloggers making 6 and 7 figures per year from their blog. This way when one income source is struggling our business can still survive and cover the bills.

Create Similar Income Sources in Your Business:

My goal is to crack 6 figures in 2017 so you guys are keeping me accountable by scrutinizing my monthly income reports. I have to keep working hard each month to deliver growth in my business and share with you how I’m doing it so you can repeat the processes and systems I’m finding that work.

April 2017 Expenses

  • Bluehost* (website hosting) – $14
  • ConvertKit* (email service provider) – $49
  • LeadPages* (opt-in form boxes) – $17
  • Domain Purchases/Renewals on Namecheap* – $68
  • Tailwind (Pinterest Posting Scheduler) – $10
  • Buffer (Social Media Post Scheduler) – $10
  • WooThemes Membership Software – $8
  • Freelancers – $136
  • Education/Courses – $80

Total Expenses: $392  (Words with * are affiliate links)

On the expense side, I’m running a pretty lean business but added a few expenses this month you won’t see in the future. For example, I had a lot of domain name registration fees this month and I also experimented with hiring independent contractors on Upwork to assist different needs my business had (YouTube intro video, Pinterest graphic designs, etc.).

Bluehost and ConvertKit are the lifeblood of my business. I need website hosting for my blog to even exist and then ConvertKit’s email services allow me to manage email subscribers who opt-in to my list and build connection with them on autopilot.

I’ve also begun automating my social media strategy by using tools like Buffer and Tailwind to schedule posts weeks in advance and have them auto-post without my day to day involvement.

WooThemes membership plugin allows me to self-host my courses on my website, unlocking access to members once they join. I’m also migrating future courses over to Teachable which is more expensive but will take away some of the errors that occur with self hosting.

Traffic Growth

You’ll notice some spikes in the graph below. This is from pins going viral on Pinterest sending me an influx of visitors for those specific days. I started implementing Pinterest into my traffic growth strategy in February and now my traffic has been increasing ever since at a rapid pace. Here’s the course that helped me create a powerful Pinterest strategy.

april 2017 traffic

Growth Breakdown:

  • April 2017 Traffic – 7,447 visitors (76% growth) / 11,266 pageviews (67% growth)
  • March 2017 Traffic – 4,234 visitors (43% growth) / 6,756 pageviews (40% growth)
  • February 2017 Traffic – 2,955 visitors (38% growth) / 4,823 pageviews (18% growth)
  • January 2017 Traffic – 2,147 visitors / 4,091 pageviews

Pinterest Traffic Growth Cheatsheet

Email Subscriber Growth

  • List Size – 1,738 subscribers
  • April 2017 – 215 new email subscribers (14% growth)

Read: How to Start an Email List for Beginners

Revenue Per 1,000 Page Views

This is a measure of the overall effectiveness of a blog and is a handy benchmark for comparing blogs even if they have vastly different traffic numbers. For example, a blog with 400,000 page views per month making $40,000 in income would have an RPM of $100.

My blog has always had a high RPM which is a good sign that as I grow my traffic, my revenue should follow suit and increase because it does a good job of converting traffic to customers.

  • April 2017 = $133

Articles Published in April

How to Start & Grow Your Online Business Today:

Here are some of the best articles and guides to read for getting started with your blog if you’re brand new to online business or looking to grow your existing business:

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