Why I Decided to Use LeadPages to Grow My Online Business

Why I Started Using LeadPages Finally to Grow My Online Business

After nearly 2 and a half years running multiple blogs and operating a 5 figure per year online business, I finally decided to add LeadPages (affiliate link) to the list of resources I use to run my business.

LeadPages, if you’re not familiar is a company that provides ready to go landing page templates that you stick on your website to capture visitors and grow your email list. LeadPages has the word “Lead” in it for a reason. They help you generate more online leads and convert leads into paying customers.

I got tired of not seeing very good results using the free methods of online lead generation and now I’m putting LeadPages to the test to see if they’re worth the $17/month.

I just recently purchased the annual plan to save money and get the lowest monthly rate possible. Adding an extra $17/month to my expenses isn’t a huge deal, especially if it results in $100/month of extra income. Being a finance major, I always am watching the return on investment (:

why i switched to leadpages

Why Do I Think LeadPages Will Help My Online Business Grow?

I believe LeadPages will help me grow because their tools make it much easier on bloggers and website owners to capture traffic and turn visitors into leads.

Before, I had to manually create my opt-in pages which took lots of time. A beginner would have no clue how to design a webpage, which makes LeadPages a great solution since they offer pre-built pages that are easy to customize in your favor.

Let’s discuss some of the new tools I’m excited to use..


LeadPages offers email opt-in boxes that pop up on the screen when a reader clicks a link or button on the webpage.

This converts at a higher percentage than if the link took the reader off the webpage to an opt-in page. It’s one less step and the reader is happy because they get to continue reading the article from where they left off without having to hit the back button and scroll back down to where they were on the page.


As mentioned earlier, these are pre-built pages that you can customize to fit your needs. Most pages have an opt-in form where the visitor will enter their information like name and email address. The page may also have bullet points you can customize to pitch your offer you’re giving away when they opt-in with their information.

You can customize the headings, colors, font sizes, and much more to run tests and see which pages convert the highest. This is also known as A/B split testing.

I’ve struggled to convert page visitors into leads, especially with Facebook Ads. I’m hoping to create some high converting lead pages that I can link to in my Facebook Ads for my real estate business, and see an increase in people filling out their information.


LeadLinks make it easier than ever before for your prospects to opt-in to your lists, sub-lists and webinars. According to LeadPages, here is how LeadLinks work:

(1) Simply copy and paste a LeadLink into your broadcast emails, and your prospects can instantly register for your list, sub-list, or your webinar by only clicking your LeadLink. No need to opt-in, or give additional information.

(2) Once your prospect clicks your LeadLink to register, your prospect will be instantly added to the list or webinar that you’ve selected.

It sounds like a tool that gets integrated into your email marketing campaign. I’ll be able to add these links to my email newsletters making it much simpler for existing subscribers to sign up for different events and resources I’m offering. It saves them the step of having to input their information, which can often annoy users and deter them from accepting your invite or free resource.


LeadDigits might be the coolest feature but also comes across a little sketchy at first. Here is what LeadPages has to say about this tool:

Leaddigits is a tool that allows you to collect leads via text messages. People who see the phone number and text code that you promote can opt into your email lists via SMS messaging—that is, the same text-message service most people use on their phones every day. This tends to be a very user-friendly experience for your leads, since it’s often much easier to text a short word to a short number than to open an Internet browser, type in a URL, and then fill out a form.

In short, LeadDigits makes it easy to grow your email list through text messaging, which may become a big thing since everyone has smart phones in today’s world that they are using constantly.

Concluding Thoughts on LeadPages

Overall, I’m new to using LeadPages but have considered them many times in the past. I previously chose the DIY route building my own lead capture pages and sales pages but saw low conversion rates after months of testing. I’m now going to be experimenting with LeadPages to see if they truly bring better results to online business owners.

Stay tuned for case study updates. I’ll need a few months to gather data and run split tests before I start drawing any conclusions on whether or not using LeadPages has helped my business grow. I’m optimistic that this will be a well spent $17/month.

You can learn more about LeadPages by visiting their website here.

Additional Resources to Check Out

Here are several resources I highly urge you to read to help you succeed in starting your profitable blog or online business:

Here are my top recommended resources I use in my business to run my blogs:

  • Bluehost – a self-hosted website service provider that makes your website professional and gives you advanced features that free website providers can’t offer
  • Namecheap – who I purchase my website domains from for $10/year
  • ConvertKit – my email service provider that manages my email list and subscriber newsletters
  • OptinMonster – the email capture form service that creates high converting opt in forms for building my email list
  • LeadPages – the company I use to build high converting sales pages, landing pages, and opt-in pages for growing my email list and revenue

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