Pinterest Traffic: How to Get 1,000+ Monthly Visitors to Your Website

Website Traffic Growth Strategy – Use Pinterest

As a blogger, creating awesome content on your website for people to read and learn from is very rewarding. But what if nobody sees this content?

Having a low volume of monthly website visitors can be depressing. You spend so much time crafting your blog posts yet very few people end up seeing them.

Today’s post is going to cover using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website. If you’re not using Pinterest yet then you’re missing out on lots of potential traffic that could be visiting your blog.

Melyssa Griffin is the master expert on Pinterest so when you’re done reading this article, I recommend checking out her Pinteret Course called Pinfinite Growth! It will save you lots of time and teach you the best Pinterest strategies for driving an insane amount of traffic to your blog like she does.

You can also download my free cheat sheet with steps to take to maximize the traffic your Pinterest account sends back to your website.

Pinterest Traffic Growth Cheatsheet

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a search engine like Google, but in a visual way. Instead of Tweets, Facebook Posts, or Snaps, Pinterest using posts that are called Pins.

Pins are simply just images and you can link the images you upload to blog articles. Once you upload a pin, you can save it to a board, which is how you’ll categorize and organize your pins.

For example, you could have a board about Social Media Tips and a board about Email List Building Tips.

You can also search Pinterest for articles you want to read and save these pins to your boards on your profile for convenient viewing later on.

Since Pinterest operates like a search engine, indexing your pins based on keywords, you won’t need a lot of followers to get traffic to your website. My golf Pinterest account had less than 100 followers, yet I was receiving 1,000+ visitors per month to my website.

(May 2017 Update: I’m not getting over 3,000+ monthly visitors to my website)

Tips for Getting 1,000+ Visitors to Your Website from Pinterest

Pinterest Tip #1: Create Boards

As mentioned, boards are essential for organizing articles (pins) and making it easy for people to find things they’re interested in. If you have a board dedicated to social media tips, someone looking for help on this topic will likely follow this board. Any time you pin a new article related to social media tips, your followers of this specific board will see it in their feed.

Pinterest Tip #2: Add Keyword Rich Descriptions

Since Pinterest is a search engine, you need to add descriptions to your pins and boards to help get them found. Think of keywords that people would be searching in the search bar to find a pin like yours. If your pin is about cooking then you would consider keywords like “recipes,” and “meal prep,” and “cookbooks.”

Think of descriptions like hashtags, helping your content get found by other users!

Pinterest Tip #3: Set Up Rich Pins

Rich pins provide extra information from your website compared to normal pins. You’ll need to apply to get your pins validated as Rich Pins by proving you own the website you’re linking your Rich Pins to. It’s simple and quick to do so. Apply here to validate your Rich Pins.

Pinterest Traffic Growth Tip #4: Create Engaging Images with Blog Post Title Included

best tips grow website traffic pinterest

Instead of just posting a regular photo, you need to post photos with text overlay and write the title of your blog post. You can see my example to the right for this blog post.

Increase the font size so that one or two words fit per line. Add a background image.

Don’t forget to include your website URL on the image as well so people ingrain your site in their mind even if they don’t click through to the blog post that is linked to that pin.

Pinterest Traffic Growth Tip #5: Engage with Your Followers

Like any good social marketer, you need to engage with your Followers. This is true when you want to turn your Pinners into your blog readers, too. The more you engage with people on Pinterest, the more likely they’ll also want to connect with you on your blog, and other sites.

Here are a few tips to engage on Pinterest:

  • Pin good, original and relevant content
  • Pin often and consistently so your Pins get seen in your Followers’ feeds
  • RePin, like and comment on your Followers’ Pins, when you really think they’re great
  • RePin industry leaders, and other great content your Followers will like
  • Return the favour and follow your Followers
  • Check out your Followers’ Boards and Pins for good content ideas they like

Pinterest Traffic Growth Cheatsheet

My Pinterest Strategy to Grow Website Traffic

Believe it or not, I didn’t have to do a whole lot to get my traffic growing. Once you’re pinning your articles, traffic will naturally start flowing in as people find your pins through search.

The biggest thing is consistency and remembering to create a Pinterest image for every blog post you publish.

I didn’t implement Pinterest into my traffic growth strategy until the fall of 2016 when I found Melyssa Griffin’s course Pinfinite Growth.

Once I decided to start using Pinterest here’s what I did to grow my traffic.

  1. I created a Pinterest Account and titled it my blog’s name “Ask Nick Foy”
  2. Created boards for all the different topics I wanted to organize pins
  3. Created a board for my website giving it a title
  4. Added keywords to the board descriptions so boards can be found in search just like pins
  5. Started repinning popular pins from other Pinterest accounts that were relevant to my different boards
  6. Once I had 6-10 pins for each board, my boards look filled if someone was to stop by my profile. This way I didn’t appear brand new with empty gray slots in my boards
  7. Used Canva to create Pinterest images for all of my blog posts
  8. Inserted the images into each blog post and linked out to my Pinterest profile in case website traffic wants to follow me on Pinterest
  9. Optimized the pins descriptions with keywords people will be searching related to that pin and blog post
  10. Began following people to jump start my page, gaining a few new followers

Now it’s just maintenance mode. Each week I upload new pins from blog posts and I schedule other pins from other top pinterest accounts in my niche.

It’s a combination of repinning other content and pinning my own content to keep my audience engaged and checking out my profile, boards, pins, etc. This has led to my website traffic growing to 1,000+ monthly visitors.

My best day happened the other day when one blog post got over 500 visitors from Pinterest. That’s insane traffic for just one day!

I highly recommend checking out Melyssa’s course: Pinfinite Growth

It will defnitely give you lots of amazing tips and resources for growing your Pinterest account and sending lots of traffic to your website. I am an affiliate for her course but even if I wasn’t I would recommend this course. It’s the best one I’ve taken so far.

I’ll link to a few additional Pinterest courses and resources you’ll find helpful:

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