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Hey there blogger! I’m super thankful for you being here today on the Ask Nick Foy Blog.

We’ve been talking a lot lately in the previous posts about how to start and grow a successful blog that eventually becomes an online business, earning you passive income while you travel the world!

With the good comes the bad though.

We’ve also been making sure you are well aware that blogging is hard work and making money online won’t come easy.

There is no such thing as a get quick rich scheme.

Building a profitable blog & online business takes lots of effort, lots of hours, and lots of failures along the way.

But don’t let this discourage you from getting started. The time will pass anyway and a year from now you will look back and wish you had started your blog today.

Let’s help you get started with your blog today by laying out all the resources, helpful articles, and tutorials that you’ll need.

This is the first time we’ve written a blog post in this style except for when we created our 20 step guide to starting an online business, which you should download if you haven’t yet.

Enter: The Resource Library for New Bloggers

Section 1: The Pre-Blog Basic Concepts

Before you get started creating your website, setting up your blog, and writing articles, you first need to get in touch with blogger lingo and learn the basic concepts. This first section is all the important stuff to read BEFORE starting your blog. Trust me:

First: What is Website Hosting

Second: What is a Domain Name

Third: What is WordPress

Fourth: What is the Hardest Part About Blogging

Fifth: Why Blogging is the Best Business You Can Start as an Entrepreneur

Sixth: 34 Profitable Niche Ideas to Start a Blog

Seventh: 3 Ways to Eliminate the Fear of Starting a Business

Section 2: The How To Phase

In section two, you’ve got four articles to read walking you through the steps of setting up a WordPress website and email newsletter. Starting your email list is a very important part of building a successful online business. You need to capture the reader’s who stop by your blog and keep them around, reading more and more of your content. The best way to do this is to start an email list the same day you get your blog set up.

First: How to Start a Self Hosted WordPress Blog Using Bluehost

Second: The Beginners Guide to Using WordPress to Build Your Website

Third: The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Email Newsletter

Fourth: The Ultimate Guide to ConvertKit – #1 Recommended Email Service Provider

Fifth: How to Use Pinterest to Drive 30,000+ Monthly Visitors to Your Blog

Section 3: Creating Courses & Products

Finally, section three dives into monetizing your blog through product creation. If you don’t feel comfortable building your own products or don’t have time, then sign up to be an affiliate for other businesses and help them sell their products. More on affiliate marketing below in the 5 ways to earn $500 per month article.

First: How to Create Online Courses: The Complete Guide

Second: How to Price Your Online Courses

Third: 5 Platforms for Creating & Selling Online Courses

Fourth: How to Have a Successful Product Launch

Fifth: 3 Types of Informational Products You Could Create & Sell

Sixth: 5 Ways to Earn $500 per Month Online

Section 4: Top Recommended Resources

In this section you’ll find the resources and companies I use to help me run my profitable online businesses. These resources range from website hosting, to email marketing, to opt-in conversions, and much more. You can also stop by our resources page here to see the full list.

  • Bluehost – a self-hosted website service provider that makes your website professional and gives you advanced features that free website providers can’t offer
  • Namecheap – who I purchase my website domains from for $10/year
  • ConvertKit – my email service provider that manages my email list and subscriber newsletters
  • OptinMonster – the email capture form service that creates high converting opt in forms for building my email list
  • Clickfunnels– the company I use to build high converting sales pages, landing pages, and opt-in pages for growing my email list and revenue

Why Join Profitable Blogger?

If you want step by step lessons, worksheets, and videos on how to build a money making blog from scratch in 30 days or less, then you may want to check out my eCourse – Profitable Blogger.

how to start a profitable blog

It comes with everything you need to get started and teaches you not only how to start your blog but also how to drive massive amounts of traffic to it and converting these website visitors into email subscribers or customers so you can start making money quickly form your blog. Plus lots more. Get started today!

Click here to learn more about Profitable Blogger

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