29 best real estate apps

29 Best Apps for Realtors in 2020

Mobile phones are getting more and more advanced with every passing year. For all practical purposes, smartphones are like mini-computers in our hands. An increasing number of tasks can be done through mobile phones, especially as a real estate agent.

Mobile phones allow professionals like realtors to work on-the-go. They can be used to share files and documents, organize conferences, conduct marketing activities, and even sign documents officially. These are all tasks that would normally be done at an office.

The all-important piece of software that converts a mobile phone into a work-station is the mobile app. We looked for some of the best apps that professionals and agents in the real estate industry can use in 2020.

Below, we have shortlisted what we think are the 29 best apps for real estate work. All of these apps are either free or very affordable, which will free up cash for you to grow your business.


Freshchat – Chatbots is a very useful automation tool and it can provide the first level of customer service to your leads. Freshchat is a chatbot app that is very well-placed to capture an audience that is wary of phone calls or emails. You can even set up the bot to allow you to text answers from your phone to the customer. Freshchat can be used for free by up to 10 members of your team. Best of all, Freshchat works even while you are asleep. Overseas buyers or leads that like to shop real estate in the middle of the night can now be catered to.


Propertybase – Propertybase is the one-stop shop for everything CRM. It is a Salesforce-based app that integrates well with MLS. Propertybase is particularly useful to manage the prospects pipeline. You can track the work of the entire team, manage projects, your contact lists, and multiple opportunities that you are pursuing. Propertybase also integrates with other important apps like Docusign, Dotloop, BombBomb, Spacio, Homes.com, and Revaluate.


CINC – CINC is a CRM management tool that helps you prioritize the most promising leads among your list of people who you have reached out to. It automates the prioritizing process and connects the hottest leads straight to your phone. CINC will help realtors save time and increase their conversion rates. The automation aspect involves you having the ability to set templates and reminder messages which get sent out to your leads. It allows you to engage with your leads consistently without missing out on anyone. CINC integrates with other popular tools like Salesforce, Mailchimp, Dotloop, Gmail, Zillow, and BombBomb. CINC enhances the CRM process for a real estate agent.


Dotloop – Owned by online real estate company Zillow, Dotloop is a transaction management tool. It allows real estate professionals to get every team member or stakeholder in a transaction on a common platform. Buyers, sellers, and agents can exchange documents securely and even sign them via Dotloop.

Fax machines, emails, and couriers are not needed when you use Dotloop. Dotloop also allows you to view the progress of team members in real-time. Dotloop also integrates nicely with commonly used real estate tools such as Zillow Premier Agent, Propertybase, Big Purple Dot, etc. Dotloop also integrates with accounting software like Quickbooks, BrokerSumo, Emphasys, etc.


Grasshopper – Grasshopper allows you to have multiple phone lines, virtual phone numbers, virtual faxing, and Wi-Fi calling. So, you do not have to carry around multiple phones while speaking to different sets of people. If you are an agent who likes to have a dedicated line just for work and one for personal stuff, then Grasshopper is the real deal. You don’t have to pay multiple phone bills anymore. Grasshopper integrates with Skype, Google Voice, and landline phones too. So, you can receive your office calls while you are at a site.


Folio by Amitree – Folio is an add-on for your Gmail account. It manages your emails and organizes them according to criteria that you can set. It also allows you to search for documents and messages in a quick and easy way. Folio also syncs with Google Calendar so that you can set deadlines. You can also set up folders for each of your team members. Folio allows you to keep everyone in sync and stay on top of the deal pipeline. You can share documents and agreements with clients or loop in specific service providers for specific deals.


Hotjar – Hotjar offers high-tech analytics that can analyze website usage, create heatmaps, and give you insights as to how exactly your website visitors behave. You can view recordings of how potential leads move around through your website. A conversion funnel tracks how many of the visitors actually end up performing a desirable action. Setting up websites is less than half the battle. The key is to get leads to perform actions like signing up or reaching out to you. You can track all of that using Hotjar. This tool will also give you feedback as to whether your website is set up correctly or if anything needs to change.


Buffer – Buffer is a social media management tool allowing the user to control multiple social media accounts on multiple platforms from a single location. You can control Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn from one easy location. Buffer also allows you to schedule posts in advance and you can check your campaign performance via Buffer’s analytics. With this app, you can run your marketing campaigns with scheduled posts and reach out to a global audience.


Canva – Canva is a creative designing tool that will prevent the need to spend thousands of dollars on software like Photoshop and Illustrator. It is a brilliant marketing tool with a simple user interface. You can pretty much design your newsletter or marketing material without hiring a designer. The basic version is free to use. You can make brochures, social media material, newsletters, banner ads, and marketing images through Canva. There are pre-made templates, brochures, and social media graphics specifically for the real estate sector.

Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent – Zillow Premier Agent is designed to help real estate agents connect to prospective buyers. The app has multiple tools and resources that real estate agents need to convert leads into buyers, and buyers into long-term clients. Lead sorting, assigning of leads to specific team members, and task management are the key activities that you can perform on Zillow Premier Agent. With Zillow Premier Agent, you can set up tasks, reminders, texts, and emails. There is a My Agent program which makes you the only buyer’s agent that your leads can view on Zillow. This app also allows leads to be imported from Boomtown and Realtor.com through Gmail.

Showing Pro

Showing Pro – Showing Pro automates the process of getting realtor feedback whenever showing agents show one of your listings. This useful tool provides seller feedback and an automated time-efficient manner. Showing Pro automatically downloads all your showings from SentriLock, Supra, and Risco and then email the showing agents the top feedback questions and realtor feedback forms. You will then also receive the responses by email. Your client will also be sent the responses.


Zapier – Zapier connects actions on one app with those in another. You can pretty much use Zapier to make an app do something based on a new development that happens on another app. For example, realtors can use Zapier to add leads from an IDX Broker account to a Mailchimp contact list. Or, you can integrate a lead generating app with Trello so that your team members can get to work right away without having to wait for you to assign them the lead. You can even connect Gmail to a chatbot app. Zapier supports integrations of more than 1000 apps.


Trello – Trello uses cloud-based technology to help you aggregate all the work activities of your team at one central location. Within Trello, you create boards for various projects or use pre-made boards meant specifically for real estate agents. On each board, you can create lists and cards. Lists denote a stage of work while cards can be filled with specific tasks and details. Cards can be assigned to each team member and they can upload their work to their specific cards. Once the work is done, each card can also be moved from one list (for under progress) to another (for finished work).


Contactually – Contactually is a CRM management tool that is focused on the concept of relationship marketing. It gathers all your contacts and helps you distinguish them as per various criteria like where they came from or how much of a priority they are. After categorizing these contacts, you can then craft targeted communication based on where you want each category to go. Email templates are included in the software. You can try Contactually using a 14-day free trial following which you have to purchase plans that start at $59 a month.


CamScanner – Remember the time when you were out of the office and you suddenly heard from a prospective buyer who needed a document scanned and sent right away. Instead of scrambling to find a place to fax or email the document in such situations, you can use CamScanner. The app allows you to use your mobile phone and create pdfs and jpegs of documents with the look and feel of a real scanner. CamScanner not only offers convenience at a critical time, but it also helps you reduce paperwork. Instead of filing piles of documents, you can simply store electronic files on your hard drive or the cloud.


Cloze – Cloze is a relationship management tool that pools in everything from call history, email, meetings, social media, and other data of your contacts in one place. Close automatically keeps track of interactions between you and a lead on various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Evernote, etc. and then uses that holistic picture to prompt you to reach out to leads at the right moments. Cloze integrates with popular apps like Google Docs, Dropbox, Slack, Zapier, OneNote, and OneDrive.


Close – This app’s name is very similar to the previous one, but the concept is a bit different. Close.io is a communication platform with solid CRM features. The dashboard of this app has buttons to call, email, or text a lead or a client. If you are an agent who has to get through plenty of calls in a day, then this app will save you the time that it takes to punch in numbers on your phone. You can also add notes to each call so that you know what to say when you follow up after a few days.


Dropbox – You may have heard of this app or maybe already using it. Regardless, it is a great app for realtors. Dropbox uses cloud technology to allow the user to upload and store files. These files can then be accessed from anywhere in the world using any device. You can also share these files with your clients or work colleagues. You can create sign-up forms on your website and give away a free e-book by making a shareable Dropbox link. Photos, videos, lease documents, agreements, etc. can all be uploaded to Dropbox.

RPR Mobile

RPR Mobile – Realtor Property Resource Mobile is a property research app designed specifically for realtors. It allows the user to search for properties and create branded reports of specific listings. Recent market activity in a particular location can also be viewed on RPR Mobile. You can also add notes, photos, and text to any listing. RPR Mobile allows you to instantly pull up specific types of properties within a zipcode which is very helpful when you are out with a client and need access to data immediately.

Citrix Podio

Citrix Podio – Podio is a project management tool that helps you organize and track tasks performed by your team members. You can set goals and deadlines for your team. You can also track specific actions and when those actions were performed by each team member. Podio also enables your team to collaborate on specific projects. The free version allows up to 5 members to collaborate on a task. Podio integrates nicely with Mailchimp, Zapier, Gravity Forms, and other popular apps.


Hubspot – Hubspot is perhaps the most popular Sales and CRM software in the world. It is a freely available tool used by more than 30,000 customers in more than 90 countries. You can conduct multiple tasks such as contact management, task pipeline management, email scheduling, email template setups, and much more. Hubspot also integrates with Zendesk, Zapier, Hotjar, WordPress, and multiple other online tools and software. Hubspot offers everything you need to build better and lasting relationships with your clients.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush – Do you have many short clips of properties that you have filmed on your smartphone? Do you want to put those clips to use and make professional-looking videos? You can do that using Adobe Premiere Rush. Your videos can then be shared on your social media accounts for lead generation purposes. There are pre-made templates to choose from or you can build your own videos the way you want them. You can add text, change the fonts and do plenty of editing. There is a free version and a paid version to choose from.

Project Color

Project Color – Project Color uses augmented reality to show your clients what a room would look like with a fresh coat of paint. The app has been created by Home Depot and helps bring any property to life. Project Color also allows the user to match the paint color from a photo or from social media platforms like Pinterest. You can find out the exact color or shade and the actual product code that is available at a Home Depot. Project Color can potentially add that wow factor which can help seal a deal for any real estate agent.


MagicPlan – Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you are conducting a walkthrough and your client asks you questions about floorplans or how much putting a new floor in the living room would cost. You would normally have to get a professional to the site to give you the answer. But with MagicPlan, you can simply use your tablet to scan the area and create an approximate floorplan instantly. MagicPlan also allows you to create 3D tours and property marketing material in a hassle-free manner. MagicPlan works with Ricoh 360-degree cameras and various laser meters.


Clozio – Clozio is a transaction calendar app that helps you to keep all relevant activities, from pre-listing to close, organized. The user interface is quite intuitive and allows you to create checklists, set up appointments, maintain contact lists, and property locations in one place. Clozio helps you keep all your clients on the same page as you. All the important milestones and dates are easily tracked using Clozio. Keep your clients engaged and stay on track with this transaction scheduling app.

Bubble Level

Bubble Level – Even though you might not be a contractor who needs to line up a frame or an important component of the house, you can still use the bubble app to check how level a surface is. It will allow you to estimate how much work is exactly needed at a particular listing. It is a good tool to have when showing the client around or when helping a seller estimate the value of a listing.


Spacio – Spacio is an open house lead generation tool that automates the open house sign-up sheet. It collects all the necessary information in the app itself and then sends follow-up emails automatically to the participants. There is no need to read badly written phone numbers and guess whether it is a zero or a six. Spacio has useful features like contact verification, social profiling, and new visitor notifications. Another neat feature is the ability of Spacio to integrate with apps like Contactually, Propertybase, and Mailchimp.


BrokerAssist – BrokerAssist is an agent-to-agent referral network and a marketplace to find gigs that need the services of a real estate professional. Whether you need to list a referral, get a referral, open a listing for a contractor, and hire or be hired for a real estate gig, BrokerAssist provides the necessary assistance. BrokerAssist connects agents and brokers in real-time allowing them to collaborate on specific tasks within a deal. The app is free to sign-up, free to provide a referral, and free to network with brokers as well.

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