profitable blog niche ideas to start online business

34 profitable blog niche ideas for bloggers

In this guide, I’m going to show you a list of the 34 best blog niches to start a new blog in if you want to make money blogging.

You can also download my blog niche list as a PDF before you leave today.

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How often do you catch yourself day dreaming about owning a 6 figure blog that brings in monthly income on autopilot?

You think about the days that you’ll wake up and see PayPal and Stripe notifications of payments received on your website while you were sleeping.

You know, those $1,000 revenue days where you feel like you’ve made it. Forget making $1,000/week, you’ve got your website producing $1,000/day.

Sounds like the dream right?

I had this dream as a freshman in college at Ohio State.

By the time I graduated 3.5 years later, I had built a 5 figure per year online business as a result of blogging and it’s allowed me to buy an apartment building investment property at age 22, travel to many amazing cities, and feel at peace that my financial future is secure.

Let this be inspiration to you that you can do this. You can turn a brand new blog into a money producing machine that changes your lifestyle completely.

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Download my 34 blog niche ideas list as a PDF to take with you.

How to Choose a Topic for Your Blog

You definitely want to be in a niche that you can earn money.

The good news is that most topics you could choose to write about could be turned into an income opportunity. We’ll explore 34 ideas below shortly!

How you actually make money blogging is covered in a different post. Today let’s focus on how to select an idea to start your blog around and get that first blog post written.

Ready to do this?

How to Choose a Profitable Blog Niche

Before we jump to the list of 34 different profitable blog niche ideas below, you first need to understand this important concept.

Starting a blog is going to be hard work and take lots of effort if you want to grow it into a successful online business. Every day there are millions of new blogs starting up for the first time, which means you must make your blog unique in order to stand out.

Because a blog takes a lot of man hours and hard work to grow, you need to select a niche that you are passionate about.

Imagine if you hate calculus but for some odd reason you decided to start a blog around calculus. Do you think you could maintain the blog for several years, writing hundreds of articles and social media posts about calculus without burning out and hating yourself?

Step 1 is to screen your blog idea with a simple question “Would I be passionate enough about this idea if I wasn’t going to make any money at all”

If the answer is no, discard the idea. You can’t choose an idea solely around it’s income potential. You must actually enjoy talking and writing about this idea so that it feels more like a hobby than work.

When I started two and a half years ago, it was because I truly enjoyed golf. I wanted to go to school in Florida to become a golf instructor so that I could spend my life helping kids, competitors, and adults improve their golf games.

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I didn’t care if the blog turned a profit (which thankfully it did in just 6 months) because I truly was passionate about golf and sharing my knowledge freely with others.

As we move on now to the next section which contains a list of 34 profitable blog niche ideas, keep in mind the simple screener question about whether or not this niche would be of interest to you still if money wasn’t involved.

Blogging is a long term game my friend. Get ready to put in the work upfront and reap the rewards in the future. It’s a gratifying feeling when successful finally comes down the road after lots of hard work with no results upfront.

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34 Profitable Blog Niches List to Start Your Online Business

Any of these ideas below could be turned into a profitable online business by packaging information into the form of an eBook, a course, a membership website, etc. The key to making money from a blog is giving helpful FREE information in the form of blog posts, that then link to a paid product, like an online course, where you share premium content in an organized manner.

  1. Fitness Workout Programs
  2. Yoga Exercises
  3. Recipes & Meal Plans
  4. Budgeting & Money Management Tips
  5. Living a Frugal Lifestyle
  6. Investing in the Stock Market
  7. Forex Trading
  8. Investing in Real Estate
  9. Software Reviews
  10. Software Tutorials & How To Content
  11. Photography Tips & Classes
  12. Camera Equipment Reviews
  13. Technology Tutorials
  14. Technology Reviews
  15. Make Up Reviews & Tutorials
  16. Online Marketing Tips
  17. Offline Marketing Tips
  18. Social Media Tips
  19. Study Hacks
  20. Test Prep on Subject _____
  21. Babysitting Courses for Beginners
  22. Dog Training Tips & Courses
  23. Fashion Blog
  24. Travel Tips & Resources
  25. Cars & Automotive
  26. Relationships, Dating, Marriage
  27. Language Lessons
  28. Musical Instrument Tutorials & Lessons
  29. Drawing Lessons
  30. Video Editing Lessons
  31. Graphic Design
  32. DIY Projects
  33. Developing iOS & Android Apps
  34. Coding & Website Design

Boom! You now have 34 different ideas to get your mind jump started. We could go on even further as there are thousands of different niches you could choose from to start a profitable blog.

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