42 Pinterest Strategies to Create Viral Pins

42 Pinterest Strategies to Help Your Pins Go Viral

Imagine if you could go viral on social media. Think about the traffic you could send to your business, website, or social media accounts boosting your income and following.

Truth is, Pinterest gives you the best chance of going viral and here are my 42 tips to help increase your odds of going viral on the Pinterest platform.

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Why I Love Pinterest as a Platform for Getting Website Traffic

Before using Pinterest I was on Instagram and Facebook but was getting hardly any traffic to my website even though I had over 30,000 followers.

Then I read blogs raving about Pinterest as the best social media platform for driving website traffic so I thought why not try it out.

And the results blew me away. Check out my full story here.

Other Pinterest Resources

In addition to the 42 Pinterest strategies discussed in the video above, I also have many other articles, videos, and resources I’ve created for Pinterest users.

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  5. Best tool for scheduling pins on Pinterest

You can also scroll through my blog and find additional articles with tips for Pinterest. Thanks so much for being here today and checking out the video lesson giving 42 strategies for going viral.

Talk soon,

Nick Foy

P.S. This Pinterest resource will be game changer and help speed up your success on the platform. Don’t miss out on this.

Perfect Pin Checklist

Use this cheatsheet to help you create the perfect Pinterest pins that are optimized for Pinterest search and optimized to go viral.

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