5 reasons start a blog today

Are you inspired by blogging?

Or, got a buddy who tells you perks of starting a blog?

I enjoy blogging. I got started as a sophomore in college after reading several income reports on various marketers blogs like Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.com.

Seeing how blogs can make money was one reason I was motivated to start mine, but there were also many other important reasons which I will discuss in today’s article.

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I think everyone should have a blog and speak to the world. At the beginning, you’ll start blogging for yourself but gradually, it will change your life. This is how blogging experts have made big success stories. And, maybe youll make one too!



Blogging is more like a learning experience. Every day, you learn new things about blogging, social media, content development, personal growth etc. It opens up your dull brain and gives an outlet for a refreshing state of mind. With that, you become more creative in coming up with ideas to help and inspire others.

Did you know that being more confident leads to a more happier life?

Believe me, blogging gives a confidence boost. Once, you start writing and sharing opinions you’ll get emails and comments with readers flattering you. People will also make criticism and that’s how we learn.

Blogging is a source of great personal and professional growth. Think like you are investing time in blogging and in return, you are becoming more productive, organized, confident and even, more creative. Wouldnt that be a wonderful deal?


If you commit to writing daily or even, twice a week you’ll start noticing great results in your writing.

Writing is another interesting form of communication. A writer has to compel his readers through words either on a book or a blog. The same rule goes for a blogger. When you’re blogging, your aim is to impress readers through your content.

Blogging can only help you become a better writer if you practice writing. You learn the clear difference between a captivating title and a boring one. You learn how to transform your thoughts into words. You grasp the essentials for writing a compelling blog post. And, lot’s more.


Do you know a single blogger who knows only about blogging and nothing else?

No, right?

Bloggers are multi-talented individuals to whom doors for new opportunities are always open.

Blogging has introduced me to fantastic skills which I think I would never have unfolded if I haven’t jumped into blogging. When you get known for a specific topic or the blog niche, search engines and other bloggers start to reach out to you for expertise. This will eventually result in exciting business and career opportunities.

Having a blog helps in honing your skills as an influential speaker, expert or even a compelling copywriter.

Blogging makes you a well-rounded person who’s capable of utilizing different skills. I’ve gained maximum knowledge through blogging for 3 years. Have a look at few skills which have earned me interesting possibilities.

  • Copywriting
  • Blog Management
  • WordPress Handling
  • Time management
  • Productivity
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web hosting
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Content Strategy and Planning

Your blog can also be a golden star on your resume. So, never underestimate the power of an influential blog.

Bloggers get contacted by freelance clients, business communities, brands for sponsored posts and further collaborations.

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If you have a blog or willing to start a blog, get yourself pumped up for exciting opportunities.


Blogging is the most effective platform that allows you to connect with billions of people on the internet. When you create a blog, you start building an audience who’s interested in your content and interacting with you.

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Your readers will soon spread your word in different communities which result in exponential growth of your business and blog. It will ultimately increase your website traffic, better conversions and more sales.

Most importantly, you’ll be the proud leader of an amazing tribe who appreciate and believe in you.

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Isnt it pretty nice to have a hobby that actually gets you paid?

Making money from a blog is not that easy but it requires hard work and patience to get some money in your pocket. If you’ve managed to run a blog with a lot of readers then you can simply monetize it and start generating a side income.

If you are just starting out, you are more likely struggling with getting enough views on your site. Your main goal should be to produce meaningful stories, not just money.

If you be consistent with blogging, chances are you’ll soon making money from it too.

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Are you convinced to start a blog today?

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