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5 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Your Website

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WordPress Plugins to Install:

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. WordFence Security
  3. Updraft Plus Back Up
  4. Tiny MCE Advanced
  5. WP Super Cache

Yoast SEO Plugin: Helps you optimize your website for Google. You can customize the meta data (title and description that show up on Google’s page) as well as check for SEO errors that might hurt your chances of ranking on Google and other search engines.

WordFence: a great plugin for securing your website against hackers and malware. It will scan you website weekly and alert you of malicious code or hackers attempting to login.

Updraft Plus: super important that you backup your WordPress website. This will save you headaches and tears if you ever lose access, delete, or get hacked. It backs up to the cloud like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Tiny MCE Advanced: this plugin allows you to easily customize web pages and blog posts. It creates a tool bar on the page editor so you can customize fonts, sizes, colors, and other features.

WP Super Cache: this plugin is important for speeding up your website so it loads faster. This will create better user experience, keep people from leaving a slow website, and help improve your Google ranking thus getting you more traffic.

There are many other great WordPress plugins to install that can add cool features to your website. I do want to caution you though not to go overboard with installing plugins to your website.

This can negatively impact your website’s performance and speed by getting bogged down with too many plugins. Every time someone loads your page, it has to load all the plugin code too.

Therefore, just install and activate the necessary plugins your WordPress site needs to function and delete any unused plugins.

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