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Nick is a digital marketing consultant who helps bloggers, real estate agents, and small businesses profit through advanced internet marketing and customer acquisition methods.

Nick’s knowledge of online business stems from his personal experience running websites and online businesses that were highly profitable, low cost, and easy to automate making the income passive.

Nick started successful blogs in different niches he was passionate about including two in particular, Golf Practice Guides and Under 30 Wealth. He’s been able to grow each blog’s traffic into thousands of visitors per month through Google search rankings, social media, and other traffic acquisition methods. This led to a growing email list and eventually successful product launches that generated thousands of dollars.

If you are new to blogging and online business, you’ve come to the right place to learn. Check out all of the free resources here as well as the 20 step guide to starting an online business. Stop by weekly for the newest articles that have been published to the blog page here.

In addition to online business, Nick also co-founded Blue Spark Investments, a real estate investment company in Miami, FL, that works with clients to acquire, develop, and manage real estate investments in quality neighborhoods and yielding high returns on investment. Nick purchased his first rental property at age 20 and spent the summers thereafter consulting for the owner and CEO of a real estate firm in Miami, FL. You can track his progress as a real estate investor on his blog Under 30 Wealth.

If you want to start an online business or improve the profitability of an existing business, contact Nick to learn more about his consulting packages by clicking this link. He has consulted for various bloggers, real estate agents, and small business owners to help them improve their marketing and customer acquisition strategies.

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