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Avada Theme Review and Features

The Avada theme is one of the few WordPress themes that no longer needs an introduction. This theme is currently the number one best-selling theme on ThemeForest – the largest WordPress theme marketing place.

Since its emergence in August 2012, this theme has recorded more than 700,000 sales, and this makes it the most popular WordPress premium theme ever. Avada has been at the top of the chart for good 8 years. Over this period, this theme has received several great updates that have introduced new features, functions, designs, UIs, and more.

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Who Is the Avada Theme Best for?

When it comes to WordPress theme designs, there are two basic schools of thought. The first school of thought is that WordPress themes should be designed for a particular type of site, with minimal additional functions and a limited set of customization options.

The second school of thought is that WordPress themes should be multipurpose. This means they should have several features, customization settings, page templates, and more to allow users to create any type of site with one package.

Interestingly, Avada falls into the second school of thought. This multipurpose theme comes with many great features, pre-designed layouts, customization options, third-party plugin integrations, and more. If this is not what you are looking for in a WordPress theme, then you should look elsewhere.

However, if this idea sounds exactly like what you want, then this theme is for you. In this Avada theme review, we will let you know everything there is to know about this theme, including its features, and how to use it.

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What Is Avada?

Avada theme is the best-selling, most popular premium WordPress theme on ThemeForest. This multipurpose theme was designed by some of the developers out there, and it is packed with great features, customization options, prebuilt layouts, and more.

The Avada theme was designed for those looking for a flexible theme that they can use to customize their website and add more functionality to it.

You can use this theme to create almost any type of website, including e-commerce stores, an online portfolio, a gallery site, and more. This theme also includes several demo websites as well as the Fusion page builder. Interestingly, with all these great features, this theme is priced at only $60.

Advanced developers and designers can also use the Avada theme because of its various configuration options alongside the Fusion Core and Builder that makes it super easy to build almost any type of website.

Side Note: If you don’t have a website yet, start by buying a hosting plan from Siteground.com and then install WordPress, login to WordPress and begin installing your Avada Theme to your WordPress dashboard.

Avada Theme Features

In this section of our Avada theme review, we would be taking a closer look at the features of this theme. This theme has many features and we cannot go through all of them. However, we will be highlighting some of the best and most useful features of this theme.

Unlimited Designs

Every website owner wants their website to have a unique look. Hence, when it comes to template providers, the best are those that offer a wide range of designs. Avada has the need of users in mind, which is why this company designed this theme with a wide range of designs to choose from.

With Avada, you have beautiful, unlimited design options. The template comes with a very simple but highly effective options panel that allows users to build almost any type of design they want. This means you can customize the design to be exclusively yours and unique.

Highly Responsive Designs

Today, the majority of online traffic comes from tablets and smartphones. Any website that is not optimized for mobile devices will lose a great deal of traffic. A website will not even make the rankings if it is not smartphone-friendly. Interestingly, Avada has got you covered, as the theme is highly responsive.

Your website needs to be responsive so that mobile phone users can view your content without any issues. The same function available for larger screens should also be available for smaller screens.

With this theme, every layout of your website will be highly responsive and mobile-friendly. Interestingly, you do not have to write any line of code to make the site responsive. The theme is already pre-designed to handle responsiveness.

Loads of Theme Options

One of the major selling points of this theme is the freedom it gives users. The Avada theme has won the heart of over half a million users because it allows them to modify almost every part of their site. With the Avada theme options control panel, you can customize your theme to your heart content.

It allows you to customize the menu sizing, modify the layout, choose any color scheme of your choice, choose a header layout, and more. You can also implement some of these changes through the WordPress Customizer interface, and this allows you to see your modifications as you make them.

The major focus of Avada here is to make the platform usable for non-tech-savvies. It allows you to do all of these modifications and customizations without writing a single line of code. Avada has several visual customization tools to help non-coders design almost any type of site they want.

WooCommerce Support

The eCommerce industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the past few years. Many people are now setting up websites just to sell one product/service or the other. One of the easiest ways people create online stores today is by using WooCommerce – a WordPress plugin.

The Avada template has great WooCommerce support and integration. The compatibility of Avada and WooCommerce allows for the incorporation of portfolios, landing pages, blogs, and more.

With this support, you can customize almost everything on your WooCommerce store including the product pages, shop pages, checkout process, the products themselves, and more.

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bbPress Design Integration and Support

Many users like bbPress, as it provides them with a better way to create online forums. With the design integration and support of this tool, users can create any forum they want. The bbPress plugin comes with many great features, and it is free of charge. With this integration, you can create very special online forums with ease.

Other Notable Features

Other notable features of this theme include:

  • Drag-and-drop builder tool
  • Individual page templates and pre-built sites
  • A wide range of elements you can insert into your content
  • Fading effects, background image blur, and other animations
  • Video backgrounds
  • Portfolio, testimonial, and skill publishing tools

How to Install the Avada WordPress Theme

You can install the Avada site builder in two different ways. The first method is through WordPress, which we would be showing you in this article. The second approach is via FTP. However, before you can install this theme, you need to purchase it.

Where can I buy the Avada WordPress theme? You can buy the Avada WordPress theme here. Before you can install it, you need to download all the necessary files from the ThemeForest account from which you purchased the tool.

Download the Avada Theme Installation Files

Before installation, you have to first download the installation files. To download the files, log into your ThemeForest account, go to your “Downloads” section, and locate your Avada theme purchase.

Once you find it, click on the download button next to it; you will see two download options – “All Files & Documentation” and “Installable WordPress file only.”

The former is the full Avada Website Builder package while the latter is only the WordPress installable file.

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The Installation Process

  • Log into your WordPress account, go to Dashboard, click on Appearance, and select Themes.
  • At the top of the page, you will see the “Add New” tab, click on it, and then click on the “Upload Theme” button.
  • Click on the “Choose File” button and select the installation file you downloaded earlier. If you downloaded the full package, you would have to unzip the master Avada.zip file, which contains a secondary Avada file that you would have to upload. If it is the installable WordPress file you downloaded, you can upload it directly without unzipping it.
  • After uploading the file successfully, click the Activation link.

After setting Avada as your default WordPress theme, you will be redirected to the Avada Theme Welcome Dashboard. This is where you would register your Avada purchase.

You will get a message to register Avada with your purchase code. After activating it, you would be able to install the required Avada Builder and Avada Core plugins.

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Installing the Required Plugins

After installing and activating the Avada theme, you will be prompted to install and activate the two required plugins – Fusion Core and Fusion Builder. These plugins are in the complete file you downloaded earlier. The plugins included in the file are Fusion Builder, Fusion Core, and Layer Slider.

To install the plugins, go to your WordPress Dashboard, click on “Plugins” and then “Add New” to add a new plugin.

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A little window will pop up for you to upload the plugins, just as you uploaded the Avada theme file. Click the Upload Plugin table and navigate to the list of plugins you downloaded earlier. When you open the Avada Plugin folder, you will see a list of plugins, select the Fusion Builder plugin and click “Open.”

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Once you click on the Open tab, click on the “Install Now” tab to install the plugin.

avada theme install

Once the plugin has been installed successfully, you will be prompted to click on the “Activate Plugin” tab to complete the installation.

install avada theme zip file

You would have to repeat this process for all the plugins you want to install. After installing all the required plugins, you would notice several changes to your WP dashboard. You will also see several new options right under your Dashboard.

Avada’s Page Builder – Fusion Builder

Fusion Builder is the proprietary page builder of Avada. This is a common trend among most templates these days – many of them now come with their own page builders. Fusion Builder is designed to make it easy and convenient for you to build web pages. It is a drag-and-drop builder and you can use it to manage different web elements.

Fusion Builder has several components such as the footer builder and header builder. You can also use it to create post designs and meaningful pages without writing a single line of code. This feature is great for non-coders, as you do not need any coding knowledge to create web pages.

It features an awesome frontend ending interface that gives you intuitive page building options, making it easy for you to design your own pages. This page builder also has a shortcode generator that makes it easy to edit and build content with the built-in page builder. Fusion Builder makes life easy for many content creators, as it makes both content editing and building very easy.

You can use shortcodes or simple options to create creative layouts for your website. The Fusion Builder also comes with some design elements that allow preview, which means you would be able to see the effects of the changes you make in real-time. This tool also makes the creation and customization of pages easy and quick, and you can do this without accessing theme options.

The frontend editor allows you to make visual changes however and whenever you want. It provides endless possibilities to design professional-looking sites without being a professional web developer or outsourcing it to a professional programmer.

Avada also updates the Fusion Builder regularly, and version 5.0 was when this tool started to shine and compete with other page builders out there. It came with a new intuitive interface and other things such as the Fusion Builder library, nested columns, and more.

One of the most amazing things about this tool is that it comes with many pre-designed templates and full website demos. You can use the pre-designed templates in their original form or customize them via the drag-and-drop interface. The tool also allows you to design your own templates from scratch, and you can reuse them whenever you want. The Fusion Builder hare more than 60 elements and 200 custom options that you can use.

Fusion Core

Fusion Core is another vital plugin that comes with the Avada Theme. This plugin makes it easy for you to design all your web pages with the features that come with the Avada template. The plugin also includes a Fusion Slider, Shortcode Generator, and Mega Menu.

You can insert most of these elements into your Fusion Builder layouts. They are also available for use with the standard WP post and page editors. Users can also pick any element they want and add it to their content, thanks to the Fusion Shortcode feature.

You can also customize it to determine how it will function and look. Some of the examples of the shortcode options include maps, customizable alerts, recent post lists, videos, countdown timers, and more.

Avada Theme Options to Customize Your Website

The heart of this theme is the Avada Theme Options. Avada is very successful and popular in the WordPress community today because of its theme options. These theme options allow for easy customization and configuration. You can use them to configure and customize your entire WP site.

The theme options allow you to control almost everything on your website, ranging from coloring and typography to the style of your website. You can use them to design a site the way you want. Nevertheless, you need to have a fair understanding of how the options work in order to make the best use of them. Here are the Avada Theme Options that you can use to customize your site:

Layout Options: This option allows you to manage the padding, layout, width, and sidebar of your website.

Responsive Options: With this option, you can enable responsive design on your website. You can also set responsive heading typography, responsive breakpoints, minimum size factors, and typography sensitivity.

Color Options: This option allows you to set custom primary colors, choose a predefined color scheme, or a predefined theme skin.

Header Options: This allows you to manage the header of the site. You can modify the size, position, layout, padding, appearance, content, slider position of the header. It gives you control over the header content, header background image, header styling, and sticky header.

Menu Options: This option allows you to manage several parts of your main menu, secondary top menu, flyout menu, mega menu, main menu icons, and mobile menu.

Logo Options: This allows you to manage a sticky, regular header, retina, mobile log, favicon, and logo custom link URL.

Page Title Bar Options: This option allows you to manage the visibility, layout, font size, styling, background image, animation, and alignment of your website.

Breadcrumbs: This allows you to manage breadcrumb prefix, color, separator, categories, and more.

Sliding Bar Options: With this option, you can manage columns, visibility, color, font size, and other styling options of your site.

Footer Options: This option allows you to manage columns, widgets, special effects, content alignment, background image, copyright text, and styling.

Sidebar Options: With the sidebar options, you have full control over the mobile position of the side on mobile devices and sidebar for pages, sidebar styling, search page, blog, portfolio, Event Calendar, bbPress, and WooCommerce.

Background Options: The Background Options feature gives you full control over the background image for the main content and page. You can also manage background patterns, color, and other styling options.

Typography Options: This option allows you to manage font-weight, family, size, letter spacing, line height, color, font color, and header margins for post titles, headers, and body. It allows you to choose Google fonts, standard fonts, or add your own custom fonts.

Blog Options: This option allows you to manage the pagination type, layout, featured image, excerpts, single posts, data, and the blog meta of your site.

Portfolio Options: This also allows you to manage the pagination, layout, excerpts, slug, text layout, column spacing, several portfolio single post options, and featured image sizes.

Social Media Options: This option gives you control over your social media options for the social sharing box, footer, header, and upload any number of social media links you want.

Slideshow Options: This is the option for managing the number of post slideshow images, smooth height, autoplay, pagination, speed, and navigation options.

Elastic Slider Options: This option allows you to manage the slider dimensions, autoplay, animation, width, speed, interval, and typography styling options.

Lightbox Options: The Lightbox Options is for managing the lightbox visibility, skin, general lightbox behavior, gallery start/stop button, navigation visibility, and other lightbox options.

Contact Template Options: The Contact Template Options allows for easy management of email addresses, data privacy confirmation box, comment area position, Google map styling, and Google map options.

Forms Options: With this option, you can manage the Forms Styling, HubSpot options, and Google reCAPTCHA. The Form Styling includes the colors, border, and height options of Avada Forms.

Search Options: This option allows you to manage the live search, search form, as well as the search page configuration options.

Privacy Options: This is the option for managing the Google fonts mode, privacy bar, and privacy consent.

Extra Options: With this option, you can manage miscellaneous options for your website including options for featured picture rollovers, related projects/posts, forms styling, pagination, and masonry/grid styling.

Advanced Options: The Advanced Options gives you access and control over HTML or JavaScript added before and after the </head> and </body> tags respectively, tracking code, and several theme features.

bbPress Options: This option allows you to create and manage online forums. You can manage the header background color, base font size, border color, and header font color of the forum.

WooCommerce Options: This feature allows you to manage the entire WooCommerce styling and configuration options. This includes one-page checkouts, products per age, my account menu link, columns, social icons, cart icons, order notes, account area messages, and product list/grid view.

Event Calendar Options: This option allows for the managing of single calendar post options and general calendar styling.

Custom CSS Options: With this option, you can add your custom CSS, and this will override the CSS of the theme. In some cases, you might need to include the “!important” tag.

Avada Builder Elements Options: These options have a direct, global impact on the Avada Builder Elements, and the individual settings of an element can override them.

Import/Export Options: The Import/Export Options allow you to transfer, backup, and restore Avada Theme Options data after migrating your installation.

How to Use Fusion Builder to Design Pages Using the Avada Theme

Here are the simple steps for designing a page in Avada:

Step One

In the Toolbar, click on the “+” tab (which is the “Add New” button), and then select Post, Page, or other custom post type.

Step Two

In the Sidebar, choose Page options and then Settings – this is where you can enter the title of the Slug or Title of the page, choose the template of the page, the parent page, and also add featured images.

Step Three

The third stage is where you use the Fusion Builder Live Editor to add content to your page. After that, you use the Fusion Page Options panel on the Sidebar to set the different options for the page. Any options you set here will be applied to only the current page. If you want to apply the settings to the entire website, then you would need to use the Fusion Theme Options.


The Avada theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes out there. This theme is more than just a theme, as it comes with a website builder and a host of other great features. In addition to using it to customize your web pages and entire website, you can use this tool to create new web pages. It comes with many beautiful themes, which you can customize to suit the look and feel of your brand or company. This premium theme costs only $60, and it is worth the price.

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