What is the Average Email Open Rate for Email Lists

What is a Good Open Rate for Email Marketers

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On average, what percentage of your email subscribers open your emails currently? Do you know the answer off the top of your head? Does your email service provider share this data easily with you?

In the video above, I share results from a recent research survey done in 2018 by a professional company that shows the average email open rate across all industries combined. But they also break it down by niche or industry if you want to compare to other businesses within the same niche.

If you are brand new to email marketing and don’t understand what an email open rate even means, look at it this way..

It’s the percentage of subscribers who open emails from your email list. So if you have 100 subscribers you send out an email to and only 20 of them open it, that would be a 20% open rate.

After sending many emails to your list, you’ll start to get an average for how often your list is opening your emails.

In another video, we cover tips to help you increase your email open rates. Click that link to check it out.

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