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9 Best Real Estate WordPress Plugins for Realtors

Are you a realtor looking for advice on how to add more features to your real estate website? You’ve probably seen other real estate agent websites that feature property listings, Google maps, contact forms, and interactive search result pages with criteria filters.

This can all be done using “WordPress Plugins” and installing plugins is super simple!

I’ll be showing you the best WordPress plugins every real estate agent’s website should have.

Here are things we want your real estate website to be able to do…

#1: Yoast SEO

The very first plugin to install is Yoast SEO and it will help you easily manage your SEO so you can optimize page titles and content on your website pages for reaching people on Google.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and there is a big list of steps you can take to make your website “Google friendly” so that it shows up when people search things related to real estate.

#2: IDX Broker

The next plugin we want to add to your real estate website is IDX Broker which gives you the ability to import the MLS listings directly onto your website pages.

You can create specialized pages for different zip codes, cities, townships, etc. to display only active properties for sale in those boundaries.

There are lots of cool features I discuss more in my in-depth guide to building an IDX website.

  • Add a search bar
  • Add map search functionality
  • Create neighborhood specific pages
  • Capture leads on listing pages

#3: Clicky

Once you’ve got your website ready for Google and imported MLS listings into custom pages, you’ll want to add an analytics plugin to record your website traffic.

Most blog articles will highlight Google Analytics and recommend the WordPress plugin MonsterInsights.

But we like a free plugin called Clicky that connects to your free account you’ll also need to create prior to installing the plugin.

Clicky is a beginner friendly analytics dashboard that let’s you see a summary page of:

  • How many people came to your website
  • Your top 10 most-viewed pages for the day
  • Traffic sources like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Countries / Cities that your visitors were located

#4: Elementor

Elementor is a free page builder and it is the #1 rated page builder for WordPress.

You can easily create pages by using the drag and drop builder to drag content boxes, image boxes, video boxes, maps, and more onto the page.

There are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube if you need help with the page builder, but it is very beginner friendly.

It also integrates with any WordPress theme so your real estate website theme can

#5: Caldera Form Builder

Easily add forms to your real estate website using the Caldera form builder plugin. You can use it to build simple contact forms or you can get more advanced by creating forms to qualify leads.

For example, you can create a short questionnaire a potential home seller might fill out with their property address, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and any other questions to ask them.

You can also integrate your form as a pop up if you want to link it to a button, in text link, or add it to your website’s navigation menu.

#6: WP Fastest Cache

Next, we want to make your real estate website fast! Page load speed is important for a few reasons. The obvious reason is that nobody enjoys a slow website.

But Google also takes website load speed into consideration when determining which pages to show in the search results. This reason alone should motivate you to build a fast real estate website.

You can easily outrank your local competition and other real estate agents in the Google search results.

I recommend checking out WP Fastest Cache as it will help your pages cache so things load much faster for your visitors as they browse around your website. More on that in our Website Speed Guide for Real Estate Agents.

#7: WP Mail SMTP by WPForms

This plugin helps ensure that you’ll get email notifications to from your WordPress contact forms and that the alerts won’t end up in the spam folder.

For example, if a buyer lead fills out your contact form on a property listing page, the form will have settings on the back end when you set up the form builder plugin that send a notification to your business email.

This way you can be alerted of the new buyer lead and follow up with them quickly!

#8: TablePress

TablePress is an excellent plugin for real estate agents because it allows you to easily build custom tables.

For example, you can create a table of all your current listings.

Or you can create a table of recent homes sales in a specific neighborhood.

Or you can use a table to list different real estate market statistics to keep buyers and sellers up to date with the local real estate market.

#9: SG Optimizer

My final plugin that I recommend for real estate agent’s to install on their WordPress website is SG Optimizer.

This plugin is owned and managed by Siteground, a website hosting company. Therefore it is only compatible with websites that are using Siteground as the hosting company.

I wrote an in depth guide Website Hosting for Real Estate Websites you can read to learn more about why we recommend Siteground (fast, secure, beginner friendly, great customer service).

The SG Optimizer plugin is multi-functional so you can do many optimizations under one plugin instead of installing 10 different optimization plugins.

Here’s a few things of the several things I like about this plugin:

  • Page Cache – faster loading web pages
  • Image optimization – smaller image sizes for fast load times
  • Lazy load – images load only when in view
  • CSS, Javascript, HTML compression & optimization

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