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Best Social Media Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare

In today’s YouTube video tutorial I will walk you through my favorite social media sharing plugin called Social Warfare.

Social Warfare makes it easy for visitors to share your blog posts and website pages on your WordPress website. You can choose from 6 major sites to add to the floating bar such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon.

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If you scroll along my blog you’ll see my floating bar at the bottom of the page since this is the settings I chose for Social Warfare. You can also set it to be a floating bar on the left hand side of the blog post.

Another feature I love about Social Warfare is that it adds all the social shares from each individual platform together giving you a total shares count in addition to the individual break down.

Some of my more viral posts on Pinterest have helped get my total share count to above 1,000 which helps add credibility to your brand when visitors see that your blog post is shared a lot of times on the internet.

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