Schedule Your Pins on Pinterest with Tailwind

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One of these tools discused is called Tailwind, which is a game changer for bloggers who want to put their pinning on autopilot.

But before we dive into the features and benefits of using Tailwind in your business, let’s first make sure you’ve got a solid system in place so that Tailwind can be used most effectively.

best pinterest scheduling tool to schedule pins increase followers

1. Every time you publish a new blog post, pin it onto Pinterest. 

Literally, as soon as I publish this post, I will use my Google Chrome Pinterest extension to pin it onto Pinterest.

But I don’t just pin it once.

First, I pin my content to a board JUST for my blog posts. It’s the first board on my account and stores content from my own site. I suggest you create a board like this, too! It’s a great way for potential followers to get a glimpse into exactly the type of content you create.


After that, I visit that pin on Pinterest and then repin it to ALL relevant boards I have on my account.

Some of your followers will only be following one board. And because of Pinterest’s algorithm, your followers won’t see duplicate pins in their feed. So, by pinning your content to multiple boards, you’re increasing the likelihood that someone will see it on Pinterest.

2. Use Pinterest Schedulers to Post to Your Account

Two popular Pinterest schedulers are BoardBooster and TailWind.

I personally use and love Tailwind and have yet to try BoardBooster. But for the purposes of learning and writing a future tutorial post, I’ll soon be trying out BoardBooster as well since it’s highly praised by top bloggers.

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Tips on Scheduling Content to Pinterest:

1. Have a Good Mixture of Pins

Make sure to use a good mix of your own content and other people’s content. Melyssa Griffin, founder of the Pinfinite Growth course, recommends aiming for 20-30% of your own content and 70-80% of other’s people content when scheduling pins to your boards.

2. Pin Consistently

Ideally, the more you pin… the more you should see a spike in followers, repins, and clicks to your website. Aim for at least 20 pins per day but you can do up to 40 pins if you’ve got plenty of boards to fill and content to share. Spread out the pins throughout the day though so you don’t spam your feed by pinning all 20-40 pins at once.

By pinning content to your boards on a daily basis, you’re increasing your chances of having your pins appear at the top of someone’s feed (which will eventually lead to more followers, traffic, and subscribers!).

3. Pin at the Optimal Times

When you go to schedule pins with Tailwind, it will actually suggest optimal times for you each day of the week. Research shows that the best times to pin is usually between 2 – 4 PM in the afternoon and 8PM – 1 AM at night. Tailwind will get even more detailed by displaying times like 8:37 PM or 9:49 PM!

Final Words..

If you implement Tailwind or BoardBooster into your Pinterest strategy and use these three tips for scheduling on Pinterest, then you will be well on your way to a growth spurt for your brand.

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