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How to Deactivate WordPress Plugins from Your Website

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There are times where you decide a WordPress plugin is no longer wanted or needed on your website. There will also be times when a plugin is causing errors and issues on your website.

This will lead you to the decision that it’s time to deactivate the plugin and stop it from running on your website.

To deactivate your plugin(s), follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Installed Plugins menu item (it can be found by hovering “Plugins” from your WordPress dashboard)
  2. Once you’re on the installed plugins page, find the plugin you want to deactivate
  3. Underneath the plugin name, click the word “deactivate”
  4. Wait for the page to refresh automatically
  5. Delete the plugin so it no longer takes up space and memory on your website

Step #5 is important because plugins can slow down your website if you have too many. Therefore you want to delete any plugins you are not using.

If you plan on using a plugin again in the future however, then simply reinstall it at a later time or keep it in your installed plugins page but leave it deactivated for the time being.

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