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As a new blogger, it’s demoralizing to look at your Google Analytics each month and see little traffic stopping by your website.

You write great content.

You want to help people out.

But you feel like the best kept secret since know one seems to know you even exist.

So how can you change this?

I’ve got 5 tips covered below that will help you increase your website traffic.

But you don’t just want website traffic. You want this traffic to transform into an engaged audience that becomes part of your community.

Otherwise, what’s the point of having website traffic come to your website if they just leave.

This is where you need an email opt-in freebie somewhere on your blog post to capture them to your email list.

For example, here is my Pinterest Traffic Growth Checklist freebie I’m offering you in exchange for joining my email community. Once on my list, you’ll get super helpful tips and lessons sent to your email inbox each week to help you grow your blog and online business.

Now that you understand the importance of capturing website traffic to an email list, let’s jump into today’s article covering 5 things you can do to grow your website traffic.

Do These 5 Things To Grow Your Site

If you’re tight on time and struggling to figure out the whole blog traffic growth thing, then stick to these 5 basic tips.

Spend your limited 2 hours each night completing these 5 things and over time you’ll see your website traffic growing and more reader’s opting in to your email list.

#1: Research Popular Blog Posts for Keywords You Want to Target

Use a tool like BuzzSumo to see what articles are being shared the most across social media platforms. This should give you a good idea of what your readers might enjoy and share with their networks, expanding your blog’s reach.

Head over to BuzzSumo, enter a keyword in the search bar and it will pull up a top 10 list of most shared articles in the past year. You can adjust the time frame if needed.

You can also enter the URL of a website domain to find their most popular articles, for example, a competitor’s website who targets a similar audience as you.

Lastly, enter your own domain and see what your most popular articles are that your audience has enjoyed most. This will give you an idea of what content to create in the future that will be well liked by your readers.

#2: Use Pinterest to Grow Your Traffic Rapidly

Pinterest was once a well kept secret but it’s become more mainstream now in the blogger world as a great traffic source for your website. Pinterest outperforms Instagram and Facebook easily because of it’s search engine functionality.

For example, I have over 28,000 followers on Instagram for my website and only 300 followers on Pinterest. But Pinterest sends me close to 25,000 monthly visitors compared to 100 from Instagram. That’s 250X more traffic with way less followers.

You don’t need followers to get traffic from Pinterest since it’s basically just a search engine where people enter keywords and scroll through pins that pop up in the feed.

Since Pinterest is very confusing for beginners, I want to send you my free checklist of things to do to optimize your Pinterest account. This will boost the reach of your pins and help get more traffic to your website.

Click the button the get the free printable worksheet!

Free Cheat Sheet

Pinterest Traffic Growth Cheatsheet

Or if you prefer a detailed course that walks you through 10 modules and over 30+ training videos on using Pinterest to send thousands of visitors to your website, then check out Profitable Pinterest Traffic.

You’ll learn everything from starting a Pinterest account from scratch to optimizing your profile, boards, and pins to creating your pinning schedule to learning Pinterest SEO, and much much more.

See the full break down of the lessons taught in this top rated online course.

#3: Guest post on larger blogs

Guest posting on larger blogs in your niche is one of the best ways to supercharge your traffic and create an audience.

Before guest posting, try and get to know the blogger for 3-6 months. Join Facebook groups where you can connect with other bloggers and build relationships.

Follow these bloggers on social media, sharing their work and leaving well thought out comments. They will take notice of your effort.

Then shoot them an email asking for a guest post opportunity and send them a high quality article they won’t want to turn down sharing on their blog.

Want to guest post on my blog? Send me an email with an article idea relevant to my audience (Email marketing tips, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogging, etc.).

#4: Build a community

Remember that your community is always first.

The biggest blogs in the world have built great followings because they share personal stories and opinions on things they care about. Once you have a community of raving fans, they will become your greatest supporters.

Before publishing any post, ask yourself whether the post is something your community wants to read.

When you create great content your audience loves to read, it will lead to social shares and them referring their friends to your blog which will grow your audience.

Get involved on the major social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) to connect with others and build relationships.

Also use your email list to send traffic to your website and build community. Insert links to blog posts in your emails you send out each week!

Read: How to start an email newsletter the right way

Best Email Software: ConvertKit

Best Online Course: ConvertKit Made Simple – how to use ConvertKit if you’re a beginner seeking to triple your current email list size quickly.

#5: Have a consistent writing schedule

Ask Nick Foy has begun publishing articles daily, but you can choose a publishing schedule for your blog of Monday, Wednesday, Friday for example.

Three-posts-a-week schedule without fail for five years is a good formula for success as long as your blog posts are high quality. If you’re limited on time it’s better to post just one article per week than shorter, low quality articles.

Your loyal readers will appreciate the consistency, making it easy for them to know what days to stop by the blog for new content. It’s important you create a regular publishing schedule in order to build loyalty and trust with your ever growing reader base.

Bonus: Comment on larger blogs in your niche

If you leave a well-thought-out comment on a popular article, you will most likely have some readers trickle your way.

It might just be one or two from each comment, but if you comment in many well-known places you will notice your readership increase quite impressively.

Each comment will leave a link-back to your site and links are the currency of the web.

Side note: the links may be no-follow and not count towards SEO building efforts, but the link still is a gateway for readers of another site to click through to read your blog.

Forget Facebook Ads, Use Pinterest

Thinking of using Facebook ads to speed up traffic to your website? Don’t. Do. It.

Why not? Because you can get way more traffic from Pinterest and it’s FREE traffic unlike Facebook ads which can be very expensive.

Let’s compare.

If you spend $0.20 per click on a Facebook ad and drive 10,000 people to your website this month then you’ve spent $2,000!

Pinterest, however, can easily send you 10,000 visitors within your first month or two of following the steps in my proven system…and it’s FREE traffic.

If you want to learn how to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website to quickly grow your audience, double your email list size, and make a living online then make sure you check out my course, Profitable Pinterest Traffic.

pinterest traffic tips to grow email list

It comes with worksheets, checklists, and lots of training videos to help you set up your Pinterest profile and drive traffic back to a website page or email landing page. Discover the strategies to rank your pins higher in the search feed so they get found by Pinterest users. Save yourself time and money using my system.

Get started driving traffic to your website

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