Email Lead Magnet Ideas for Real Estate Professionals

Stuck on coming up with lead magnet ideas for building your real estate email CRM list. No worries this guide has got you covered.

For starters, what is an “email lead magnet,“… or another term you might have heard is “email opt-in freebie.

how to choose your email marketing optin lead magnet

An email lead magnet is simply something of value that you offer on your website in exchange for someone giving their email address to you.

An email incentive that attracts leads to your real estate CRM is simply things like a free eBook, a home buyer guide, home selling checklist, free tool or calculator, or any other resource you are offering as an incentive for someone to join your real estate database email list.

For example, you could offer a free eBook that they’ll receive only once they’ve subscribed to your email list. They unlock access by entering their email into your form that is embedded on your web page.

Why Lead Magnets Work?

Without an incentive, you’d see less home buyers and seller leads joining your real estate email list. It’s been proven that these free gifts help motivate someone to take the action you are seeking from them, entering their email address into your website capture form.

That’s where the term lead magnet derives from.

It helps attracts a reader or visitor to your email list that they otherwise wouldn’t have been as interested in without the email opt-in incentive.

Only Offer Real Estate Lead Magnets that Provide Value

In order to get more email leads into your real estate CRM database, you need to offer a free incentive that is relevant to your audience (home buyers, home sellers, real estate investors), and one that they would find helpful.

For example, with home buyers & investors you could offer them exclusive access to a list of foreclosure properties for sale in XYZ zip code.

Investors love foreclosure properties they can fix up and resell for more money so it’s a great real estate lead magnet that is relevant to them specifically.

For home sellers, you could offer 10 tips checklist to complete before putting their house on the market that will help the seller get more money in the sale.

Seller’s want to make as much money from the sale of their home as possible, so a savvy real estate agent would create a checklist of tips that they can offer to sellers on their website as a lead magnet.

So the best way to improve conversion rates and get more website visitors onto your real estate email list / CRM database is to focus on the customer / client and offer them a lead magnet that is of value and relevant to them.

Now that you understand the basics of what a real estate lead magnet is, here are several lead magnet ideas for real estate agents to use on your website to capture more leads and turn more sales / commission volume.

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Email Lead Magnets for Increased Opt-in Conversions


Here are a few example ideas of email lead magnets you could choose to grow your email list and add new leads to your CRM database every week. I also put together this informational video on the 11 best email lead magnet ideas you can check out on my marketing YouTube channel.

  • Guide/Report
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Checklist
  • Resource/Tool Kit List
  • Video Training
  • Webinar Class
  • eBook
  • Discount/Coupon for a Product

Which Real Estate Lead Magnet Should You Choose?

First, you need to analyze the above options and determine which is right for your audience. Half of the battle is getting the right type of product in front of them. You’ll need to answer these 3 specific questions to help you decide.

  • What topics do your ideal customers or clients want to know about?
  • What topics would be easiest for you to create a lead magnet about?
  • What content format would be the best way to deliver that information?

What Do My Clients Want…for Free?

To find out what your customers want, you can simply ask. Set up surveys on your website to get feedback from visitors and post surveys to your social media account to get responses from your social media audience.

A lot of realtors offer “Free Home Value Estimates” which can be an effective lead magnet incentive.


Create a one page with a heading that says “Do You Know How Much Your Home is Worth?” and then a subheading underneath that reads “Get a free home value estimate today with no obligations to work with my team” and then a call to action like “Simply fill out your property information and contact info so I can get your estimate of property value to you within 24-48 hours or less.”

Which Lead Magnet Ideas are Easiest to Build?

Once you know what topics your audience are interested in, you can decide which topic is easiest for you to make a real estate lead magnet about.

Stick to creating a free product that mirrors your strengths because you don’t want it to be stressful or take too much time out of your business. It is free after all.

You should spend a maximum of one week creating the lead magnet for your real estate website and ideally it should take you only 2-3 days. You can also hire someone on freelance websites to build your CRM lead magnet for you. I recommend websites like Fiverr or Upwork.

What Format Should I Serve My Lead Magnet?

Finally, determine what content format would be the best for delivering the information. Should it be an eBook? Should it be a quick 5 page guide? Should it be a checklist?

Ask yourself these questions, brainstorm out some ideas, and decide from the above list of lead magnet ideas which is best suited for your audience.

Final Tips on Creating Great Real Estate Lead Magnets

#1: Great lead magnets deliver value.

You want the subscriber to be impressed with your content and think to themselves “if this is free, then I can guarantee their paid product is definitely worth getting.”

#2: Great lead magnets contain content that is specific and to the point.

If you’re writing an eBook, don’t spend several pages blabbing and wasting lines. Get to the point and deliver the value you intend for the person to receive from this free lead magnet.

#3: Great lead magnets have specific and catchy headlines.

Which of these headlines sounds better:

  • How to Get Stronger
  • How to Gain 5 Pounds of Muscle in 5 Weeks?

The second one sounds better because it’s specific and clearly indicates what the person is getting, learning, etc.

#4: Optimize your “Subscribe Button” to increase conversions.

Get rid of the boring old “subscribe” text on the button. Include a better call to action as your button text such as “Download the Free Report” or “Join the Free Webinar.”

Once you’ve got your lead magnet created, link it to your CRM email database to get leads transferred over instantly when they hit the “Submit” button to your opt-in form on your website.

You can also use ConvertKit to follow up with your email lead on autopilot so as soon as they enter their email and click submit, they receive an auto-reply from your email. Plus other fancy features we discuss in my A to Z Guide to Building an Email List you can read next.

Thank You!

Thanks for reading today, and I wish you the best of luck crafting your real estate email opt-in lead magnet. Be sure to leave me a comment below telling everyone what lead magnet you created and how it’s doing! I’m interested to hear how your conversion rates have changed based on your opt-in incentives.

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