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21 Tips for Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best marketing channels out there, and doing it well is not that easy. But it is worth putting in effort as it can take your business growth to a whole new level. It is a highly effective strategy of sending emails to customers and prospects. A great email marketing technique can turn prospects into customers and can convert one-time buyers into loyal fans. Several studies constantly show that emailing a subscriber on a regular basis can translate into revenue over a period of time.

These are certain email marketing best practices that can set you on a perfect path for fine-tuning your email marketing techniques as another revenue-generating channel.

21 Essential Email Marketing Tips for You

  1. Make sure you have a clear and focused call to action:

For driving more traffic to your landing page, it is essential that you keep your mail simple with a primary call to action. It is an essential part of converting subscribers into customers. The more subscribers you have, the better it is for building awareness of your brand value and building your community of loyal fans & customers.

  1. Testing subject lines before delivery:

You should be open to experimenting with different subject lines, body text, call to action to generate an idea that engages the audience more. You can opt for A/B split testing modules that enable you to compare the results of several versions of your email and optimize a good subject line to send the best one out to your audience.

  1. Encourage readers to respond:

Email marketing allows having a meaningful conversation with people interested in your business. So, ensure that you have enticing email subject lines, distinctive as well as entertaining voice, and targeted content. All these will encourage readers to give a reply.

  1. Select meaningful metrics to measure and track against:

There are so many metrics like click-through, open rates, click-to-open, and many more. These metrics analyze the volume of traffic created or the conversion rate. Here you can easily measure your email opens. Offers and discount clicks are some main metrics to watch for.

  1. Email Personalization:

Whenever possible, do add a personal touch to your emails. Many tools for email enable to enter shortcodes that will be converted into the recipient’s name at the time when the email is out.

  1. Resend emails to non-openers with double send automation:

More open rates in email can turn it into more revenue. There are different tools available in the market that allows you to automate resending emails when a subscriber unopen your first email. Also, consider sending a follow-up with a different subject line that can create more chances of opening.

  1. Plan for holidays email:

Holidays are the best time to attract more traffic. Increase your promotion with compelling email content for the holiday season. Discounts, offers, and many more things are expected by customers in these times. So, always consider planning holiday emails to boost your subscriber count.

  1. Quality is way better than frequency:

Email marketing is no doubt very useful for enhancing communication, but that does not mean that you should ramp up your email frequency. Sending too many emails can annoy recipients and can give the opposite result. Focus more on email content and look at the way the audience responds to your email frequency.

  1. Timing is everything:

Figuring out the right timing to send emails in order to get a better response may seem difficult. But once you get hold of it and pick the correct timing, you will have higher chances of growth. Generally, go for off times and not during the top of the hour. Here no mails will be delayed, and you can reach your audience as intended.

  1. Create and Segment your email list:

Whether you inherited an email list or started from scratch, it is important to verify that each name on the list is added organically. Earlier, the same emails were sent to everyone at the same time. But now, emails with specific characteristics interest more customers. For this, segment your email list depending on different factors that resonate more with the recipients.

  1. Do not take unsubscribes personally:

During email marketing campaigns, some subscribers may have opted for your service, but then they might not get interested. It is normal as there can be good and bad situations. The ability to unsubscribe your emails should remain simple. If they do not find the unsubscribe feature, they might go for the spam button.

  1. Keep emails out of the spam folder:

When people are able to see your email, then only your marketing strategy will be successful. Therefore, avoid using all capital letters, hyperbolic phrases, and exclamation marks to stay away from the spam folder. Also, ensure that you have a good formatted HTML and follow all regulations regarding the spam act.

  1. Email should remain clean and crisp:

When someone opens your email due to an engaging heading, make sure that the email content keeps their interest. Use short paragraphs with keywords, mention valid points and add phrases relevant to the viewers’ stand out.

  1. Send out weekly broadcast emails to update you about your new content:

Broadcast emails are an essential part of marketing strategy. Through this, you can update your subscribers about your new content on your blog or YouTube channel. These emails are crucial for engaging the audience on a regular basis to promote your content in an effective manner.

  1. Consider email automation for boosting sales:

Email continues to deliver a high-leverage way to encourage excellent responses. To build a sales funnel without adding much effort, you will need an email marketing platform that can provide you automated email chains. It is a time-saving way to drive customer loyalty and elevate your brand image.

  1. Keep email design on-brand and consistent:

Whether you are utilizing a template or have a designer to handle your emails, your designs of the emails require to align with the overall brand. You may not want your recipients to open the email and cannot find where it came from. Put in logos or website links to keep your design relevant.

  1. Add a catchy subject line and interesting links:

All editorial component of email is essential, but the subject line is something that interest readers the most. Keep a short and crisp subject line that relates to the email content. Also, add visually striking buttons like download now or find more to give readers more opportunity to interact.

  1. Send an amazing welcome mail:

Welcome emails are great to introduce yourself and to set expectations for the kind of email receivers might be getting from you and at which frequency.

  1. Try making emails mobile-friendly:

If your emails are optimized for viewing on large devices, then you might be missing out on some opportunities. Mobile-friendly emails lead to more clicks.

  1. Test email every time:

Never send emails without testing. Double-check that the messages look exactly the way you wanted. There are different tools that can help in testing out emails every time.

  1. Consider providing value through emails:

Good email marketing means providing your audience something that interests them to your business or service, whether it be educational information about the industry or a promotional message about your offerings.

Similar to most marketing efforts, getting success in email marketing is a process. Moreover, it is a combination of good strategies and data analysis to ensure improvements in marketing campaigns. Follow all these steps and get ready for effective promotion.

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