how to boost website traffic with pinterest

How to Increase Website Traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media service and image-sharing platform designed to allow people to discover and save information. More than 200 million people use this platform every month to look for ideas, products to buy, inspiration, promote their business, and more. With the billions of pins on this platform, you will always find an idea to spark your inspiration.

Pinterest has proven to be very useful to business owners and bloggers since its launch in January 2010.

The platform has been helpful to those who are looking for ideas, recipes, designs, and more as well as those who promote their business, establish an online presence, and drive more traffic to their website or blog.

Pinterest is one of the major sources of traffic for most websites and blogs, and many people have been leveraging this aspect of the platform for years.

If you are looking to drive more traffic to your website, Pinterest is one of the best platforms you can use.

If you are wondering how you can do that, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will walk you through a guide on how you can use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your website or blog. Keep reading to know how to increase website traffic with Pinterest.

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Website Traffic

Here are some practical steps on how you can use this visual search engine and social network to drive more traffic to your Website.

Create a Pinterest for Business Account

To use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, the first thing you need to do is to create a Pinterest for Business account. For the business account, you can create one from scratch or you can convert your already existing account into a business account.

To create a new business account, go to, create a new account by entering your email address and password. You can also create a new account with your Google or Facebook account.

If you want to convert your already existing account to a business account, log into the account and go to settings. The Settings is at the top-right corner of the page. When you click on it, you will be asked to update your account, click on “Upgrade Now.” After clicking on the upgrade tab, you would need to enter your business details to get started.

Creating a new business account or switching to a business account is important because Business and Personal accounts do not have the same terms of services. You can only use Pinterest for commercial purposes with a business account. You can only access the advanced features of this platform such as promoted pins, Rich pins, and Pinterest Analytics with a Business account.

After creating your account, the next thing you need to do is to claim your website. This part is very important, as it would allow you to track your visitors from Pinterest. Claiming your website is another way of showing the legitimacy of your site.

Optimize Your Pinterest SEO

Pinterest works like a search engine, which means you need to make your profile, boards, and individual pins SEO-friendly if you want to drive more traffic to your site. You need to optimize your Pinterest SEO to boost your visibility on the platform.

Profile SEO

Optimizing your profile is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your Pinterest profile and then to your site. Pinterest allows you to add only 30 characters to your profile name, which means you have very limited space for SEO. For this part, you should only put your business or brand name.

When entering your business or brand name, you want to make sure it is the same across other platforms including your website. Your business name on your website should be exactly the same on Pinterest and other social media platforms. Consistency is very important, as it would make it easy for people to identify you.

Board SEO

Optimizing your Pinterest board also has a tremendous impact on how people can find you and your website. It can be tempting to give your Pinterest board fancy names. However, fancy names are mostly for Personal accounts and not for Business accounts. You should give your boards concise and clear names that will tell your viewers what the board is about and what they will find on it.

People enter search queries such as financial planning, time management, blogger tips, and more on this platform. Hence, you want to make sure your board has reasonable names; names that your potential viewers could search for.

You should also add some keywords to your board descriptions. Research and use keywords or key phrases that are relevant to the kind of content you have on your website or pins. However, when writing your description, you should not focus on SEO only, as descriptions are content too. Hence, you should make your description readable, meaningful, and helpful.

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Individual Pin SEO

Pinterest pins have different parts. For beginners, they have a very attractive, tall, and beautiful image. The pins also have descriptions and names, and Pinners can comment on Pins. Interestingly, you can optimize all these parts of Pins and make them SEO-friendly. You can even optimize the wording on the image. You should add keywords to the pin names and descriptions, as this would increase your chances of the Pinterest algorithm finding your pins when users search with related words.

Add Rich Pins to Your Website

Opting for Rich Pins is a great way of integrating your Pinterest account with your website. Rich Pins are a special pin that adds more information to the Pin itself. Pinterest currently has six different types of Rich Pins – Recipe, Movie, App, Product, Article, and Place.

For instance, using Article Pins will let users know that they are visiting a page with original content telling a story. They include a story description, author, and article headline. Setting up Rich Pins on your site will enable Pinterest to get this information from your site through or Open Graph formats for marking up.

Create Pins That Lead to Valuable Resources

One thing that will help you to grow on this platform is when you create valuable and helpful content for people. Back in 2016, Pinterest made some changes to its algorithm that affected the way pins are displayed on the home feed of users.

After careful observation, we discovered that Pinterest now focuses more on displaying pins that lead to valuable resources and blog posts. This means people will see fewer very attractive images that do not lead to any useful or helpful resource.

This also includes website such as Flickr or images you upload that does not lead to any website. Hence, before you start creating pins, you want to make sure you have created enough content on your website. Make sure every pin you create leads to content on your website.

You can even create about 5 to 15 pins for each content. However, you should not do this all at once. You can create them over a period of one week.

The goal here is to make sure all your pins are directing users to relevant content or resources on your website. No one would want to visit your site again if you do not have relevant or helpful content.

When the bounce rate of your website is high, your pins will begin to get less view, and this will reduce the traffic to your website.

Grow Your Pinterest Followers and Reach

It is important to have a huge number of followers. However, it is not as important as many people think it is because you can still get more traffic and repins than the number of followers you have.

Nonetheless, that does not mean you should not grow your followers. Growing your followers is the surest way of expanding your reach.

The trick to generating more traffic is not only about getting more followers but also creating pins that will get to other users that are not following you on the platform. The only way you can do this is to be creating relevant and helpful pins that will attract your target audience.

When you start providing relevant and useful pins, Pinterest will start showing your pins to the home feed of users and “Picked for You” frequently. With this, you would be able to reach more users than imagined.

This will not only attract more people to the content you add to the pins but also increase your followers. More people will likely follow you when you provide them with resourceful and relevant content.

Increase Your Engagement and Repins

If you want to rank higher for certain keywords on this platform, the number of repins you get in a specific timeframe is a key factor in Pinterest’s search rankings. A pin that gets 200 repins in 3 days is more likely to rank higher than a pin that gets 200 repins in 15 days.

The click-through rates of your pins and who your repinners are also play a key role in the performance of your search results on Pinterest. If the majority of your repinners are active on the platform, you are more likely to rank higher than someone whose repinners are not active on the platform.

You are also likely to rank higher when your pins get higher levels of engagement. If more people engage and interact with your pins, Pinterest will likely recommend it to other users on their home feeds.

However, for you to get more repins and engagement, you need to create pins that appeal to your audience and target audience. As we said earlier, your pins must be useful and helpful to your viewers. They need to point to relevant resources and content.

The more you do this, the higher your engagements and repins. The higher your engagement and repins, the more traffic you drive to your website.

Join a Relevant Group Board

Joining a relevant group board is so far one of the best ways to increase website traffic with Pinterest. Group boards are one of the fastest ways to boost your reach on Pinterest. Pinterest group boards are boards where a group of people can pin.

The fascinating thing about this is that every Pinner adds their own followers to the number of people following the board. This means the following of a board is the total number of followers of all the people that pin on the board. This is why boards are huge, as they would give you a massive audience to share your pins with.

However, you need to look for the right group board to join. You need to join a group board whose followers will find your pins important and relevant. When you find the right group board, you will be amazed at the kind of traffic your pins will get.

You will drive traffic to your pins, which would in return increase the traffic to your website. Here is a guide on how to join group boards on Pinterest. For a comprehensive list of group boards on this platform, you can visit

Pin Consistently

Pinning consistently is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website with Pinterest. To increase traffic to your website continually, you need to pin consistently.

You should pin about 5 to 15 pins every day. Some experts also recommend a minimum of 10 Pins daily.

These pins should be unique, meaningful, and relevant. They should also direct users to the content on your website.

Courtney Seiter said that up to 30 different pins every day work very well. When it comes to pinning, the more you can pin, the better. You can also work with Tailwind – a Pinterest Automation tool for scheduling pins.


Those are some of the best ways you can drive more traffic to your website with Pinterest. Pinterest is a very useful platform, and as a website owner, you can enjoy the benefits of this platform with the tips provided in this guide.

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