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How Often Should You Post on Your Blog


What does this mean for you when asking how often should I blog? How do you decide on a frequency for your blogging as part of your small business strategy?

Let me share a quick comparison..

One of the biggest blogs in the world is the Huffington Post which you may or may not have heard of before. They publish over 1,000 new articles to their blog every day! Crazy right?

Then there are other successful blogs out there with millions of readers that only publish articles once per month.

And my blog here at publishes one new article every week.

So the short answer to how often should you be blogging is that it depends on what your audience needs.

Obviously, high quality content matters and you can’t afford to push out tons of low-quality posts every day. You‘ll only get lost in the noise of 1.2 million types of blog posts.

Check out the video above to see my tips and experiences from trying different frequencies of blog posts. And if you need more resources related to blogging see the following links below, including my 30 day blogging bootcamp.

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