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Pinterest for Business | The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up and Using Pinterest for Business

Are you presently using Pinterest for Business? If no, then it is time to reconsider and set up your social media strategy to include Pinterest for business.

Pinterest is an untapped social resource, and it provides the ideal place for you to showcase your business, product, or brand to a niche, engaged marketplace that is waiting for your product or services.

More than 200 million users across the globe use Pinterest every month, and they are all sharing and looking for inspiring, helpful ideas on the platform.

With a Pinterest for business account, you will be able to showcase your products, services, or brand to the world in a much better way, as this platform serves as an information resource for millions of people preparing to make purchases.

There is a huge market out there waiting to be introduced to your products or services on Pinterest, and you can introduce your business to them through a Pinterest for business account.

In this guide, we will expose you to everything you need to know about Pinterest for business account.

We will walk you through how to set up a Pinterest business account, the features that come with the account, the importance of a Pinterest business account, and how you can use it to showcase your business or brand to the world.

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How to Set Up Your Pinterest for Business Account

pinterest for business sign up

The very first step to utilizing and taking advantage of Pinterest for business is to create an account. Interestingly, you can create a Pinterest business account in three different ways.

You can create a new Pinterest business account from scratch, convert your personal account to a business account, or add a business profile to your Pinterest personal account.

Here is a detailed explanation of how to create your Pinterest business account.

Creating a Pinterest Business Account from Scratch

To create your Pinterest business account, go to If you are already logged in with your personal account, you would need to log out. When you click on that link, enter the email and password you want to use for the business account and click on the “Create Account” tab.

pinterest for business

After that, you would have to set your location and language, and then add the name of your business. After adding your business name, from the “Tell us about your business” options, choose the option that best describes your business. Click on Next and then add the link to your site on the next page.

In the next pop-up window, Pinterest will ask you to connect your YouTube, Instagram, and Etsy accounts. You can add them (if you have accounts on the different platforms) or add only the ones you want.

Pinterest for business

Next, you have to choose whether you want to run ads on the platform. You can also leave your contact details for the customer service to reach you later.

Once you are done with the creation of the account, the next thing you need to do is to edit your profile. Pinterest gets your profile name automatically from the email address you use, and you can change it to what you want when editing your profile.

Pinterest for business profile

Add a high-quality picture that represents your brand (the recommended dimension of the picture is 165×165 pixels). After that, you can edit your username (which would be in the URL to your business profile) and then fill the “About your profile” section (you should strategically add some keywords).

Next, you would need to claim your website. Click on the “Claim” tab on the left side of the page. In the text field provided, enter your website and click “Claim.”

Claiming your website will give you access to the analytic features of the platform. When you are done with that, you would need to create your Pinterest board, your first pin, add Pinterest Tag to your site, and choose a cover picture for your profile.

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Converting Your Personal Account to a Business Account

If you already have a personal Pinterest account, you can convert it to a business account with ease. All you have to do is to log into your account, click on the option tab (the three dots at the top-right corner), click on “Upgrade Now,” and fill out all the necessary information about your business.

Pinterest for business

Why You Should Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks, and it is a place where people find ideas and inspiration for their hobbies and interests. There are dozens of reasons why you should use Pinterest for business to market your brand or business, some of which include:

  • The User Base of Pinterest Is Increasing Continually: More people are using this social than ever. Over the past year, the number of users using this platform every month surged by an impressive 28 percent to over 320 million active users every month.
  • Pinterest Is Popular: According to a recent study, Pinterest is the 4th most popular social media platform in the US. Pinterest ranked ahead of LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. The study showed that about 28 percent of US adults have an account on this platform.
  • Women, Especially Moms Use Pinterest a Lot: Another study also showed that Pinterest is common among women, especially mothers. According to the study, women own more than 60 percent of accounts on this platform. In the US, 80 percent of moms are on Pinterest. Women are also the major decision-makers when it comes to purchasing household items and services.
  • People Use Pinterest to Look for Products to Buy: Many people are using this platform as a shopping aid. They come to the platform to get ideas that will aid their decision-making process when shopping. Pinterest also stated that 500 percent of users are only on the platform to look for products. According to Pinterest, 83 percent of weekly Pinners make purchases based on the content they see on the platform.
  • People Get Inspiration from Pinterest: Pinterest is the home of inspiration for millions of people across the globe. People come to this platform to look for ideas and inspirations. 91 percent of users said that this platform helps them to achieve their goals while a whopping 95 percent said it inspires them.
  • Enhances Brand Exposure: Pinterest users love discovering new products. About 75 percent of them said that they are interested in new products. Over 70 percent of weekly users also said that they discover new products and brands on the platform regularly. This means your brand or business will gain more exposure when you have a presence on this platform.

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Features of Pinterest for Business Accounts

Pinterest for business account is different from a personal Pinterest account. The business account comes with several added features that you can use to promote and expand the reach of your business.

With a Pinterest for business account, you will be able to leverage the full potential of Pinterest’s marketing potency. Some of the offerings of Pinterest for Business accounts are:

Educational Marketing Materials

In addition to providing you with a platform to promote your business, Pinterest is also offering educational marketing materials.

These materials will teach you how to leverage and maximize the effectiveness of this platform for marketing your products and services. Some of the learning materials you get with a Pinterest for Business account include:

  • Webinars and other useful resources for small businesses.
  • Pinstitute – Highly interactive workshops where you can connect with pinners and get huge returns from Pinterest.

Rich Pins

Another great feature associated with a business account is “Rich Pins.”

There are four types of Rich Pins, and they all have more information than the average pin for sales power. They include a direct link to your website, real-time stock and price update, as well as interactive map locations.

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Pinterest Analytics

This is another unique feature of Pinterest for Business accounts. With a business account, you will have access to Pinterest analytics.

When you verify your account and claim your website, Pinterest will grant you access to some vital tracking information.

With Pinterest Analytics, you can see which content and strategies are working and which of them need improvement. With this, you can test different marketing strategies and stick with the one that works.

New Tools

Pinterest said it would be introducing some new tools in the future, and the new tools will only be available to business accounts.

Some of the new tools on the platform include Promoted Pins, purchasable pins for e-commerce, Widget Builder, and the Pin It Button. You can subscribe to the Pinterest newsletter to get updates on the release of new tools.

Different Settings

The settings for a personal Pinterest account and that of a business account are not the same. Rather than the First and Last Name settings on the personal account, the business account uses the name of your business.

With this, your Pinterest account will not have a link to your Facebook profile automatically, which means you would have to add a Facebook button to your Pinterest home page.

Tips for Achieving Your Business Goals with Pinterest

Do you want to build your business and reach your target audience with Pinterest? Creating your Pinterest for Business account is not enough; there is more work to be done after creating your account. Here are some tips and tactics to achieve your business goals on this platform:

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

One of the best ways to achieve your business goals on this platform is to optimize your business profile.

At first glance, people should be able to get an idea of what your business or brand is all about as well as the kind of content or services they can expect from you.

Hence, you should optimize your profile to reflect the image of your business or brand accurately. You should:

  • Create an eye-catching and very attractive cover image that reflects the style of your brand.
  • Have a unique company logo on the display picture of your profile and optimize it based on the size guidelines of Pinterest.
  • Include the URL of your site on your profile
  • Write a description or bio that defines your brand accurately. It should also clearly state what pinners should expect from you. You should add a few keywords when writing your description.

Create Eye-Catching Content

On Pinterest, visuals mean a lot. In research, Pinterest found that 85 percent of users said that visuals are more important than text. However, that does not mean you should not provide quality content.

Your profile should kill it in all aspects – both visuals and texts. You should have vertical imagery, text overlay, tasteful branding, descriptive copy, and good storytelling.

Pin Constantly

You should pin something at least once a day, according to Pinterest. Pining things consistently is more effective and better than filling up your board at once. When you pin regularly, the chances of your content reaching a wider audience increases significantly.

Pining consistently also helps to make your profile remain relevant and consistent. If you are a busy person, no worries, as Pinterest allows you to schedule pins.

You should also leverage Audience Insights to know the best time to pin content and get the most engagement. The best time to post anything is when the majority of your audience is online.

Adhere to Creative Best Practices When Creating Pins

Highly attractive imagery is an essential element in the content strategy of your business account. However, they are not easy to create. When creating visually compelling content, you should adhere to Pinterest’s creative best practices.

Some of the best practices from Pinterest include adding the logo of your brand, maintaining an aspect ratio of 2:3, adding text overlay with targeted, concise copy for better storytelling, and more.

Add Pinterest Save Button to Your Site

One of the best ways to make your business or brand easily discoverable is to add Pinterest “Save Button” to your site.

This will make it possible for users browsing your site to click on the Save button and add pictures that they like to their Pinterest boards or account, and this will expand the reach of your products on Pinterest.

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Activate Rich Pin

Rich Pins is one of the most useful features of a Pinterest for Business account, and it adds more details to pins on your site. There are presently four types of Rich Pins that you can use – article, product, recipe, and app.

Here is a guide on how to add Rich Pins to your business account on Pinterest.

Optimize for Pinterest SEO

Search engine optimization is very important when promoting or expanding the reach of any business. Interestingly, this marketing strategy also works on Pinterest.

With Pinterest SEO, you will be able to expand the reach of your business or brand and drive more traffic to your website. Here is everything you need to know about Pinterest SEO and how you can use it to boost engagement and conversion rates.


Creating an online presence for your business or brand on Pinterest does not have to be intimidating. It is a simple and consistent process that will benefit you and your business in the long run.

With the information on this guide, you can create your Pinterest for Business account, set up your account, and use it to take your business to the next level.

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