Pinterest seo tips algorithm to rank pins boost website traffic

Pinterest SEO Tips to Rank Your Pins Fast

What if you could drive thousands of new visitors back to your website from Pinterest every month?

How would that affect your business? More email subscribers? More product sales?

Pinterest SEO is super important to understand if you want to succeed on Pinterest. Master the Pinterest SEO tips in this YouTube video lesson and you’ll increase your reach of your pins which can boost repins and clicks to your website.

I was able to go from 2,000 to 25,000+ visitors in just a few months of using Pinterest and I want to help you do the same if you’re new or need to ignite growth in your blog traffic analytics.

See my Pinterest success story below..

But first, let’s dive into the Pinterest SEO video tutorial.

I upload training videos every day over on my YouTube Channel – Nick Foy TV so make sure you click the link and go subscribe!

My Pinterest Success Story

To start off, let me give you some back story.

I spent 2.5 years trying to rank on Google and trying to drive traffic from my Instagram account that had nearly 30,000 followers.

Yet very little traffic resulted. See this graph.

Finally, in February of 2017, I decided to give Pinterest a try.

I was blown away by what happened next. In just a few short months my traffic went from 2,000 visitors to over 25,000+ visitors!

Here is the monthly breakdown:

  • June 2017 Traffic – 25,576 visitors / 39,393 pageviews
  • May 2017 Traffic – 14,251 visitors / 23,785 pageviews
  • April 2017 Traffic – 8,396 visitors / 14,193 pageviews
  • March 2017 Traffic – 5,465 visitors / 10,267 pageviews
  • February 2017 Traffic – 3,564 visitors / 6,273 pageviews
  • January 2017 Traffic – 2,147 visitors / 4,091 pageviews

As you can see, from October 2014 to January 2017 things were going super slow. Trying to drive traffic from Google, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook was only producing 2,000 monthly visitors.

Then I joined Pinterest and started experimenting and BOOM, traffic increased 1,200% in just a few months.

How to Grow Your Blog & Income with Pinterest

If you want to learn how to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website to quickly grow your audience, double your email list size, and make a living online then make sure you check out my course, Profitable Pinterest Traffic.

pinterest traffic tips to grow email list

It comes with worksheets, checklists, and lots of training videos to help you set up your Pinterest profile and drive traffic back to a website page or email landing page. Discover the strategies to rank your pins higher in the search feed so they get found by Pinterest users. Save yourself time and money using my system.

Get started driving traffic to your website

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