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55 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

As a real estate expert, one of your major goals is to grow your business, and this involves catching the attention of potential clients. One of the most important elements in growing your real estate business is marketing, as marketing plays a very crucial role in grabbing the attention of your potential clients.

There is a very big market out there for real estate agents, as a study by the National Association of Realtors in 2018 showed that 87 percent of homebuyers buy their homes through realtors. However, the question is, “how can realtors get to their prospective clients?”

Fortunately, there is a whole bunch of amazing real estate marketing ideas out there that could help real estate agents to take their games up a notch. In this guide, we will be sharing 55 awesome real estate marketing ideas that work. As a realtor, you can use these ideas to promote your business and attract your potential clients.

Here Are the 55 Real Estate Marketing Ideas that Work

  • Get Started with Social Media

Social media has been a major marketing tool over the years. There are many social media platforms through which people market and promote their business, and this makes a great market for real estate too. Make sure you have a presence on all social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. Share good press, interact with users, and promote your properties.

  • Build a Professional Site

This is another great marketing idea every realtor should consider if they want to take their marketing up a notch. For you to market your real estate business online effectively, you need a professional website. While this is not a new idea, it is one of the most effective out there. Having a professional website gives you some sort of legitimacy that will make your potential clients trust and want to do business with you.

  • Conduct 3D Matterport Scans

The 3D Matterport camera is a highly effective tool for marketing any type of real estate. This system will put together a 3D dollhouse of the whole house for buyers to fly through, even in VR; ensuring buyers see exactly what they want to purchase.

  • Create an Outstanding Business Card

This is another great way of getting ahead of your competitors and attracting more clients. You should create an awesome-looking business card. The business card should be informative and attractive.

  • Make Yourself Easy to Contact

When running a real estate business, you should be easily contactable. One of the best ways to make sure of that is to put your contact details on all your social media accounts and website. You can also create an attractive contact page that grabs attention.

  • Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer

When it comes to real estate, images are very important. The first thing any client will see is the image of the house. If they do not like what they see in the pictures, they will not go over for inspection. Hence, you need to hire a professional photographer to take high-quality images of the property to make your marketing process much easier.

  • Build a Blog

Building a blog is another amazing idea for marketing your real estate properties. If your website does not have a blog section, then you should consider creating a blog for your business. You should create content optimized for SEO, and this will attract your potential clients right to you.

  • Adopt Virtual Staging

With a virtual staging site, you can give your potential clients a sneak of what the property they want to buy looks like. This will save you a lot of money and time for staging the house physically.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies in the world. You can keep in touch with your client and show them new properties every week or month via emails.

  •  Engage in Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best ways to attract visitors to your blog and website. To achieve this, you need to identify some external websites where you can market your content. This means you have to build relevant and useful content on well-known authority websites that will link back to your website.

  •  Lead Generation Tool

Creating a lead generation page is another effective way of marketing real estate. Advanced marketers call this a “Squeeze page” because you are trying to squeeze out an email address from visitors.

  •  Keep an Eye on Your Rivals

What are the competitors in your area doing? Keeping an eye on your competitors will help you to stay ahead of the game. You need to know what their site is like, how they run their social media accounts, their marketing strategies, and other things they are doing that you are not doing.

  •  Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Property Pages

Many homebuyers like sharing their top housing images with their family and friends. To make this process easy for them, you should add social sharing buttons to the properties on your website. This will make it easy for them to share your properties and even drag more visitors to your site or blog.

  •  Create Irresistible, Attractive Content Offer

You should consider creating an eBook such as “the most valuable features of a new property,” or “X number of things you need to consider when buying a house.” You can offer irresistible, free content in exchange for an email address that you can use for marketing.

  •  Create Animated Video

You should create high-quality, attractive, and short cartoon videos to establish your brand and give it a touch of personality. If you want it to be super unique and targeted, you can add local sites or landmarks to the video.

  •  Spark Interest on Instagram

If you have many images of your properties, Instagram is one of the best places to be. Now that in-person meetings are rare, Instagram has become a very useful tool for realtors. After hiring a professional photographer to take high-quality photos of your properties, you should use Instagram to push those pictures to your potential clients.

  •  Invest in Paid Digital Ads

You need to spend money to make money. If you want your properties and brand to go far and wide, then you should invest in paid digital ads. This will help to push your properties to your target audience quickly.

  •  Connect with Local Experts

Referrals are a crucial key to the growth of many businesses today. To get more people to see your listings, you have to start a referral program and connect with local professionals.

  •  Buy Local Search Ads

The first step every potential client takes when looking for a realtor is a quick Google search. If you want to be at the top of those search results, then you should buy local search ads. This will bring you right to people that are ready to take the step. It would make your marketing process much easier, as these people are already want to invest in a property.

  •  Create Videos for Individual Properties

In addition to creating an animation video about your brand, you should create a unique video for all your properties individually. The videos should be of high resolution, and they should capture every detail of the house.

  •  Create Lifestyle Videos

Besides creating videos for individual properties, you can create marketing videos that sell a lifestyle. The video should portray the feeling that people can get when they buy a house in your area. The video should highlight the architectural beauty of the property, fun local attractions, and other major selling points about buying the house.

  •  Design Infographics

Infographics are informational images, mostly containing fun facts and statistics. You can use infographics to promote awesome features about properties in your area. You can also use them to create details about specific neighborhoods and then share them on social media.

  •  Reverse Prospect on Multiple Listing Services (MLS)

Many online listing platforms allow realtors to look for other realtors who have clients looking for properties in a particular area. With the reverse prospect feature on multiple listing services, you can find other real estate agents with clients looking for properties that are similar to your listing. You can contact those agents and let them know you have what their clients are looking for.

  •  Host Webinars

Hosting webinars is another great real estate marketing idea, as you can use that means to share insightful information for prospective home sellers or buyers in your area. You should pick a topic that is relevant to your target audience and then end the webinar with a short sales pitch. This will help you to attract new clients and grow your team.

  •  Publish a Real Estate Newsletter

You should consider publishing a monthly or weekly real estate newsletter if you want to achieve long-term success. The newsletter should contain updates on current mortgage rates, benefits of owning a home, changes in real estate law, healthy checks on the local market, tips for developing a real estate investment portfolio, and more.

  •  Develop Brand Awareness

As a realtor, you need to strive to develop a brand for your business just like big brand businesses out there. You can create a brand under your name or the name of your business. You need to create brand awareness so that when people come across your ads or content online, they will know it is from a trusted and reputable brand.

  •  Boost Engagement with Polls, Contests, and Question & Answer

Engagement is key, so you can use the Q&A and Polls stickers on IG Stories to increase your engagement. Make your content easy to engage with, ask questions, and use GIFs. The more engagement you get, the more people will know about your real estate business and want to view your listing. You can direct them to your listing, website, or blog.

  •  Find Your “Why” and Add It to Your Branding and Marketing

There are many realtors and real estate agencies out there, and what would separate you from them is the reason why you are doing this. While many are in for the money, some people are mostly focused on helping people make the right investment and finding great properties that offer value for money. You should find out why you are into it and integrate it into your branding and marketing. Your pure intent for helping these clients will only get you more clients.

  •  Use the Right Real Estate Marketing Software

Not all marketing tools are created equal, and many realtors realize this very late. While there are marketing tools out there for you to use, the best tools are those built by real estate agents for real estate agents.

  •  Utilize the Power of Predictive Analytics

You can farm your local area by utilizing the power of predictive analytics. This will help you to know which homeowners are likely to sell off their properties within a specific period. SmartZip is a platform that uses predictive analytics to know homeowners that are likely to sell off their homes soon, and this will help you to know the right homeowners to reach out to in your local area.

  •  Market Yourself in Zillow

Zillow is a very important platform in the real estate industry. Many prospective home buyers come to this platform to research properties they want to buy. The number of monthly users on this platform surged to 196 million in 2019. Hence, Zillow is a platform that every realtor should be marketing themselves on. Create a profile on the platform and ask for reviews from your clients. You will be surprised at how frequently clients will be contacting you to see your properties. The platform also allows realtors to run ads.

  •  Add a Home Valuation Landing Page to Your Site

You should consider offering home valuation to capture more leads. By adding a home valuation landing page to your site, property owners will be able to get an estimate of the value of their homes without any charges. However, you can exchange this information with the contact details of the user.

  •  Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

Real estate influencer marketing is all about content, partnership, and technology. If you already have amazing content on your real estate site, you can collaborate with an influencer to create a social media campaign to boost your online reach. For instance, if your target audience is first-time millennial buyers, then you need to collaborate with an influencer that they already follow and like, and then ask the influencer to share your blog content. You can also use influencer marketing tools such as Upfluence, Mavrck, and Tapinfluence to meet and collaborate with influencers in your area.

  •  Offer a Complimentary Moving Truck

Another awesome real estate marketing idea is providing a complimentary moving truck. As we said earlier, the real estate industry is saturated by many realtors and agencies, and you need to do something unique in order to stand out from the crowd. One of the ways you can stay ahead of the competition is by leasing a moving truck to your clients.

  •  Learn How to Market to millennials

Millennials, AKA Generation Y, are those born between the early 80s and 2000s. According to Pew Research Centers, they are more than 75.3 million people as a group. The majority of them fall between the ages of 18 and 34, and they are likely looking forward to either purchase or lease a property. Most of them are even starting to purchase their first homes. It is a bit difficult to market to this generation, but it is worth the effort. If you want to take your real estate business to a new height, you should learn to market to this target group.

  •  Publish Local Market Quizzes on Your Site

People like taking quizzes on just about any subject. You should throw some multiple-choice, short quizzes at your target audience on something of interest. The quizzes should be about testing their knowledge about the famous people that lived in their area and tidbits about the history of your town.

  •  Answer Seller/Buyer Questions on Your Site or Blog

Earlier in this article, we mentioned creating a blog as an effective real estate marketing idea. One of the most effective ways to get content ideas for your blog is to identify questions that your target audience is asking. You need to create blog content to answer questions that your potential buyers and sellers are asking. Most of them will not be asking these questions on your site directly; they might be doing that on search engines. You can use this tool – Answer The Public – to get a list of questions your potential clients are asking based on your keyword search.

  •  Post Some Ideas and tips for Homebuyers, Owners, and Sellers on Reddit

You might be wondering what role can Reddit play in your real estate marketing. Reddit is an authority website, and it has an unending list of subreddit forum boards where they talk about different topics including home buying, homeownership, home selling, and more. Look for a forum with people looking to sell or buy a property and share some tips and ideas with them.

  •  Send Requests to Your Clients to Review Your Services Online

Online ratings mean a lot to many businesses today. If you have poor online ratings, people will feel your products are services are not worth it. To avoid this, you should reach out to your clients and ask them to review your services online.

  •  Increase User Engagement with Call to Action

Many people place calls to action at the ending of a blog post, but you can add these buttons anywhere on your site. It can be on the homepage area asking users to get in touch with you, sidebars prompting users to sight up for your newsletters, and more.

  •  Add Testimonials to Your Homepage

You should reach out to your most vocal and happiest clients and ask them for testimonials. You can add those testimonials to the homepage of your website to take advantage of the social proof they provide.

  •  Provide a Guide for Sellers and Buyers

This is another great way of marketing your properties. You can write comprehensive guides for homebuyers and sellers and put them on your blog, social media, and other authority sites. Many leads out there have series of questions about selling and buying, and creating a printable or downloadable guide that will tell them what they need to know and answer some of their questions will help streamline your marketing processes.

  •  Create Multiple Sites

While you might have a professional real estate website for your business, it pays to have more than one website. You should have multiple real estate websites to cover different specific niche areas on the market. Each website will have a specific area it focuses on, making it easy for you to target the needs of specific leads.

  •  Add Top Listings to Your Homepage

Your homepage is one of the first things visitors see whenever they visit your website, and this makes it one of the most important parts of your site. You should leverage the traffic that comes to your homepage by offering your best listings there.

  •  Your Listings Should Look their Best

No one would want to invest their hard-earned money on a property that is not looking good. Before you get any property online, you want to make sure it is in its best condition. The property should be looking its best to grab the attention of potential buyers.

  •  Every Listing Should Have a Dedicated Landing Page of Blog Posts

After showcasing your best listings on your homepage, you should make each listing has a dedicated landing page or blog posts where potential customers can read and see more pictures of the listing. The dedicated landing page or post should have detailed information about the listing.

  •  Use Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is one of the most helpful social networks and visual search engines out there. With this platform, you can market, promote, and sell any type of product. This platform allows realtors to create mood and information boards about their listings. You can add photos of the property, descriptions, tips, ideas, guides, and more. Do not forget to add your contact details or link the post to your landing page or blog post. Here is a guide on how to use Pinterest.

  •  Run a Contest via Social Media

Contests are one of the most effective ways of generating leads. You can host a contest on social media and offer the winners a price. The price could be a free real estate consultation or a gift card to a local business. This is another way to create awareness for your brand, as your brand would be at the forefront of the contest.

  •  Try Experiential Marketing

This marketing strategy engages your target audience. You can host a tour in the local area where your target audience is, host events to teach people the process of buying a home, or arrange for homebuyers to come and view the home.

  •  Use Twitter Hashtags

Twitter is another amazing platform to market just about anything. To use this platform for real estate marketing, you need a Twitter profile. After that, you can do a little hashtag research to know the right hashtags to use and the right places to target.

  •  Reach Out To Local TV and Radio Stations

Local TV and radio stations are always talking about the real estate market. You can reach out to some of the local TV and radio stations in your area or the area of your target audience and offer your opinions on air. Find stations that people often listen to and send them an email or a letter.

  •  Setup a Local Business Page on Google

Another highly effective real estate email marketing idea is to set up a local business page on Google. If possible, you should consider targeting the right keywords on your business page. You can go to to set up a local business page on Google.

  •  Take Advantage of Trulia Ads

Trulia is one of the top platforms for real estate marketing. To use this platform, all you have to do is to create and set up your profile, and then run a few ads for properties you want to sell and track their effectiveness.

  •  Use Emotional Storytelling

You can take your real estate marketing up a notch by using emotional storytelling with powerful visual and compelling copy elements. Humans love stories, and they respond to them a lot. You just have to make sure you tell good stories that will attract more clients to you.

  •  Keep in Touch

Keeping in touch with your past buyers even after several months or years of doing business is another great way of expanding the reach of your business. When you build better relationships with your old clients, they will likely recommend you to their family and friends. You can keep in touch with them by sending them holiday cards, anniversary cards, and more.


There are many real estate agents and companies out there, and it will take a lot for you to stand out. For you to be stand out, you need to be unique and do things your competitors are not doing. With the real estate marketing ideas in this guide, you should be able to take your real estate business to the next level effortlessly.

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