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The real estate industry is one of the largest industries in the world. This industry is growing at a rapid speed, and it is one of the most profitable industries ever. Due to how profitable this industry is, it is very attractive, which is why the industry is crowded with many realtors and real estate agencies. As a real estate agent or realtor, what will make you stand out from the others in the industry is how you render your services.

There are many great real estate marketing ideas that you can use to take your real estate business to the next level, and one of them is via real estate squeeze pages or lead capture pages.

In this article, we will expose you to what a real estate squeeze page is as well as the vital elements that make a successful real estate lead capture page.

What Is a Real Estate Squeeze Page?

Squeeze pages, which are also known as opt-in, lead, landing, or capture pages, are a single web page designed to get information from visitors. These single-page sites can get information from visitors such as email addresses, names, phone numbers, and more.

The major idea behind these one-page sites is to capture the email address or /and phone number of an individual in exchange for something of value. Chances are you have stumbled across this type of site before.

Some of them are pretty annoying because they are designed poorly. However, a well-designed lead capture page can be highly effective at creating a buyers list for your real estate business.

With a real estate squeeze page, you can create a buyers list, which would give you full control over your sale process. It makes it easy for you to send out your property listings to hundreds of people at the same time, taking what you have to offer to them instead of waiting for them to notice you.

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Elements that Make a Successful Real Estate Lead Capture Page

As we said earlier, there are many annoying landing pages on the web, and they are less effective at doing the job they are designed to do. However, when you know the right elements to put together, you can create a highly effective squeeze page or lead capture page that will help you build a buyers list.

Remember, the goal of the lead capture page is to get information from visitors that you can use to contact them for easy marketing. This means you have to create something attractive, engaging, simple, and personalized for your visitors. Here are few tips to help you create a successful real estate lead capture page.

#1: Keep the Lead Capture Page Simple

When it comes to creating real estate squeeze pages, simplicity is key. You need to keep the entire page simple, including the copy, imagery, search functionality, call-to-action, and more. When people are starting the journey of selling or selling properties, the last thing they want is to read a book of fine-print text.

Whether your visitors are searching for properties via your landing page or you want to generate leads via an email collector form, make sure that your design and copy are simple, precise, and relevant. You should make the form or page easy to understand and go straight to the point.

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#2: Use Only Stunning Images

This is an essential element you need to pay close attention to when creating a landing page for your real estate business. You should use high-quality, very attractive images for your lead capture pages.

When searching for “real estate,” what comes to the mind is not a block of boring text or dumpy old alleyway. People often have very nice images in their minds and you should be able to have a nice pictorial representation of what real estate looks and feels like.

The images on your squeeze page should evoke the dream lifestyle that your potential clients are looking for.

Imagery is one of the most important elements in creating a high-converting real estate squeeze page because people usually act with their eyes. In addition to intriguing your visitors, high-quality and relevant images will evoke emotion, which usually leads to action.

If you do not have a high-quality image of your properties, you can hire a professional photographer to do so for you. Remember, people tend to make decisions faster based on what they see, so you need to impress their eyes when they get to your lead capture page.

#3: Your Copy Should be Transparent and Direct

Many people see the real estate industry as a tricky one, as they have been lied to several times. This is why only trustworthy realtors are able to make it to the top and attract more clients. If you want more clients to gain your trust, you need to be transparent and direct in your copy.

The real estate market is highly competitive, and it is not easy to gain the trust of clients.

The decision of selling or buying a home is a very important one, which is why many clients are very careful and do not give out their trust easily. If you make many false promises on your squeeze pages, you will end up losing the majority of your lead, if not all.

Do you know you can lose trust by withholding vital details and information such as condominium fees and square footage? Hence, you need to be transparent and direct in your copy.

Your copy should include vital information such as additional fees, square footage, parking spots, precise location, number of rooms, and more. You should answer every essential question in your copy. You should also keep the copy simple.

#4: Use Auto-Play Videos at the Background

After images, videos are another great way to market real estate properties. Video marketing goes a long way when it comes to showing your potential clients what you have to offer. They get to see and feel the property the way it is even without stepping a foot on it. You can use this method in your squeeze pages.

The video can be a tour of one of the properties you have for sale or building trust and introducing yourself. Hence, you should add the video to the background of the squeeze page.

The video should not have audio, and it should play on a loop so it does not have an end. The video will even make your squeeze page look stunning and sophisticated.

#5: Add Awards, Testimonials, and Reviews to Instill Trust with Your Customers

We have already discussed how important trust is in the real estate industry. One of the best ways to instill trust with your customer is by allowing your previous happy customers to do the talking for you.

Give them the stage to promote you and your brand. Testimonials and reviews are very important, as many people use them to make their final buy decisions today.

Whether you have been in this business for a long or short period of time, chances are you have garnered some testimonials from your old customers.

Most real estate websites have a dedicated page for their testimonials but you can also add some of these testimonials to your squeeze page. You can convert your lead capture page to a very powerful tool by adding some of the testimonials to it.

With these testimonials, you can convert untrusting visitors to trusting ones, and they will be willing to share with you their contact information.

You can also instill trust on your squeeze page by adding awards and/or badges that you have achieved. This would give your potential clients more confidence to trust and do business with you.

How to Create Simple Capture Pages

You can create a simple real estate lead capture page in WordPress with SeedProd, Divi, and Elementor. However, we highly recommend you use SeedProd, as it is the best WordPress landing page plugin.

To create your simple capture page with SeedProd, download the plugin and activate it. This plugin has a freemium and premium version, we recommend you use the paid version, as it has more features that you would need.

When activating it, you would need to put your license key, which you can find on your account on the SeedProd site. After activating it, click on options, go to Pages, and then click on the “Add New Landing Page” button.

Now, it is time to choose the theme of the squeeze page. This plugin comes with loads of amazing lead capture page templates to choose from. The themes are in different categories, so you can choose an option that is related to real estate.

After that, you would have to enter the page title and choose a URL. You should add your target keyword to your URL and make the title of the page as catchy as possible.

Next, you will be launched into the SeedProd page builder interface. This simple drag-and-drop tool allows you to build your squeeze page by simply dragging and moving things around.

It will also give you a live preview of all the changes you are making on the page. If you know what you want, you can use this builder to design the exact landing page you have in mind. However, if this is too technical for you, you can hire a professional to do it.

This plugin also comes with a “Sections” segment, which allows you to add a call to action, hero image, header, footers, contact form, FAQs, testimonials, and more to your landing page.

SeedProd also integrates with different email marketing platforms such as ConvertKit and Constant Contact, and it makes it easy for you to add email list signup forms.

After editing the page to your taste, you can click on the Save button and then choose Publish. When you click on the Publish tab, your squeeze page will go live on your site.

You can also use a custom domain for your real estate lead capture page.

This means you can use your own domain name to create your landing pages with your WordPress site. Rather than creating more than one WordPress site or a WordPress multisite network, you can create a squeeze page and direct it to your custom domain name.

To do that, click on the Page Settings tab and go to the Custom Domain button. If you are using Siteground hosting or any other WordPress hosting provider, make sure you are allowed to use multiple domains and you have added the name of the domain to your hosting dashboard.

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Wrapping Up

You can customize your lead page and make it appear exactly as you want it. You can add any image of your choice, even a video in the background, as we discussed earlier. However, when creating your squeeze page, you should not forget the tips we shared above. Try to keep it simple, and be transparent and direct when writing your copy.

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