why seo is important to website owners

Why Website Owners Should Use SEO?

SEO which is short for search engine optimization, is important for getting your website indexed by Google and found by Google searchers.

Google is the largest search engine and millions of people surf it everyday looking for websites like yours to solve their problems, questions, shopping itches, and other reasons.

AskNickFoy.com for example, is a Q&A style website where I deliver content that answers my readers questions about websites, online business, social media, and other marketing topics.

People find AskNickFoy.com by searching a phrase or question in Google, and as a result of my SEO strategy, I get my website to show up first in the search results.

This ultimately increases my odds of the searcher clicking on my article instead of one of my competitors who also covered the same topic/question.

Now that you are a little more familiar with why SEO is important, let’s dive into the full video lesson to give you deeper understanding.

Why SEO Should Be a Huge Focus for Your Website

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