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Welcome to the Ask Nick Foy Blog

*Editor’s Note: If you’re here because you looked through my archives to find my first ever blog post on, this is it. It is a lengthy post where I conveyed my story building my golf website and my future plans to come for the website. Thanks for being here today and checking me out from the beginning! You’re awesome. If you’d like to see my best content, visit this link here.*

Hey there blogger!

I’m Nick Foy, an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and online marketing consultant. I build passive income based businesses for a living so that I can retire at a young age and live off the passive cash flow rather than having to work a 9-5 trading my time for a restricted wage. My passive income isn’t capped like a job salary with an online business so the potential is limitless.

I started Ask Nick Foy to teach other aspiring entrepreneurs how easy it is to start a profitable online business that you can work on from home or anywhere in the world.

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Imagine being able to travel the world while logging in to your laptop each night for a few hours to work on your online business regardless of where you are at. That’s the power of the internet. Starting a blog was the best decision I made during my days in college at Ohio State.

I’ve started two successful online businesses generating me thousands of dollars per year and you’ll see monthly case study blog posts updating you on the progress of growing these businesses even greater. You’ll learn first hand all of the strategies I use that you can copy and implement into your own online business.

Let’s first start with some limiting belief questions I get quite often:

Isn’t it too late to start a profitable online business?

No, it’s just the beginning.

I remember just 10 years ago when I still had to use dial up internet connection that meant no one could call the house phone while I was online.

No one had access to the internet from their smartphones and social media wasn’t popular like it is today. The internet is young and full of limitless potential in the future years to come.

Now is the best time to start an internet based business that builds and grows over the next 10, 20, 30 years.

Haven’t all of the profitable ideas been taken though?

The worst thing you could do in business is start a business that has no interested customers. You’re not trying to re-invent the wheel with online business. You actually want to find a hot niche or idea that has been proven to work and start a business on that topic.

For example, golf is nothing new. It’s been around hundreds of years and there are many different golf websites online. I started a golf website that now brings in over $1,000/month because I didn’t let the fact that there were other golf websites stop me.

You make your money by carving a new path or finding a new angle of approach within this niche that attracts customers and takes you to the top of the niche. Well get more into this topic in a future post.

Is it expensive to start an online business?

Absolutely not! It’s very affordable actually.

To purchase your own custom domain URL like “” is just $10/year. That’s less than $1 per month.

You’ll also need web hosting from a company like BlueHost to “rent space” on the internet for your website and this only costs $4/month. You can have a website up and running for less than $100/year.

I don’t have any technical knowledge of websites, coding, etc.

No worries. I got started as a freshman in college on my first online business and had zero knowledge of how websites worked. Truth is, you don’t need any technical knowledge and you don’t need to know how to code to start a website.

Today’s websites are run off a software called WordPress, which is a super easy platform to navigate and I’ve got plenty of step by step tutorials for you to watch walking you through setting up your website and WordPress.

These are 4 of the most common questions I get from clients I consult for and I’m sure you have several other questions as well but we will get to those in upcoming posts when I start diving into specific lessons relating to websites, software, tools & resources, and strategies to use in your business.

How to Use Ask Nick Foy

Like I said, this is your home to grow your knowledge of what works and what doesn’t by watching and learning from my trial and errors. I’ve got a lot of highly valuable content coming your way and in multiple forms: blog articles, emails, videos, audio, as well as courses.

You can select the method that you learn best and begin consuming information.

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I also mentioned that I’ll be posting case studies on a monthly basis so you can see the journey and work along side me. It annoys me to see “gurus” who try to teach something without actually doing it along side their students. It makes it more real to the student to see the coach building his/her business alongside the student so that is my goal.

I offer coaching/consulting sessions if you’d like one on one live support. Click this link to learn more.

Not only will I be happy to work one on one with you but you’re also seeing Ask Nick Foy being built from scratch right in front of you along with the continued building of my other online businesses. These include:

  • – a golf niche site based on teaching golfers the smart way to practice golf from hours of trial and error I went through to become a scratch golfer shooting scores under par. I’ve gained an Instagram following of over 22,000 as of today that has been a lot of fun posting daily content for.
  • – a personal finance based website that helps teach younger individuals how to start saving, budgeting, investing from a young age to develop substantial wealth by their 30’s and 40’s. Early retirement and freedom is the goal.

Overall, use Ask Nick Foy to learn how to take your business idea and turn it into a reality.

I’ll show you step by step how to set up a website with zero previous knowledge or experience. I’ll also show you how to build an email list of potential customers to sell to. You’ll also learn marketing, sales pages, social media, analytics, split testing, and many other tactics that will make your online business a success.

Now let’s get into my goals for

Building the Ask Nick Foy Website from Scratch

Today officially marks the launch of this website. I didn’t pre-build an audience or have an existing fan base so the traffic to my website is a big fat 0.


It will be a fun journey to see the traffic growth on Ask Nick Foy and to see how quickly we can go from 0 visitors to 1,000 visitors per month. From there we will try to go to 1,000 visitors per day. For comparison, my golf website Golf Practice Guides is doing 3,000 visitors per month, roughly 100 per day, and this took over a year to achieve.

*Update July 2017*

I now use Pinterest to drive 30,000+ visitors per month to my golf website. You can learn the strategies I’m using to get explosive traffic growth on Pinterest by checking out my eCourse, Profitable Pinterest Traffic here.

traffic analytics

You’ll see in the case study that this has really picked up in the last few months as more of my articles are ranking on Google for golf terms as well as the Instagram traffic that stops by each day.

Social Media:

I created a YouTube channel that has 0 videos and 0 subscribers. Click this link to subscribe to give me my first followers (: and check out our weekly uploads on lessons related to internet business mastery, software reviews, tools, resources, and much more.

ask nick foy youtube

I also just started an Instagram account where I will be giving daily tips related to online business, marketing, and social media. You can give me a follow if you want to see these daily tips by clicking this link: Instagram.

I also started a Facebook business page and will be posting helpful articles each week that I find across the internet from research as well as the newest content from Ask Nick Foy blog. Feel free to give my Facebook page a thumbs up by clicking the LIKE button and keep up to date on the latest content.

Email List Growth:

Your email list is the most important part of your online business.

Think of a website as a landing page and a tool to drive traffic to. Once traffic comes to your website, the goal is to keep in contact with them and turn them into a lead that makes its way down your sales funnel until ultimately they become a customer.

You do this by having an email subscription form on your website offering an incentive to the visitor for subscribing to your email list. Once they enter their name, email, and hit submit they become part of your email list where you can send weekly or monthly newsletter emails to them keeping in contact and eventually pitching a product or service.

Each month, I’ll keep you updated on how my email list growth is doing and the marketing tactics I’ve been trying. I’ve got several great blog posts coming your way on email marketing so be sure to tune it to those.

You can learn how to build your email list using ConvertKit (my favorite tool) in this eCourse – ConvertKit Made Simple – I created with step by step training videos you don’t want to miss!

Or you can join my email community by signing up for my FREE 7 Day: How to Start a Blog Email Course. I’ll send you 7 emails over 7 days with lessons to get your blog launched. See the sign up form below.

Concluding Thoughts

In my next series of articles we’re going to get right into the meat of building an online business. We will start off by going back to the basics of a website:

You’ll quickly understand it all and be able to set up your first website. Then in future blog posts I’ll get into strategies to grow your traffic, email list, and convert visitors into paying customers.

If you’d like one on one coaching, we can set up phone calls, Skype calls, or chat through email. Be sure to check out my coaching page to learn more about the program.

Thanks for being a reader of my site. I hope to see you back in the future and look forward to bringing you valuable content each week.

Be great,

Nick Foy

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