the x wordpress theme review

X Theme Review

One of the most elegant, multipurpose themes on the market for WordPress is the X theme from Themco. With an emphasis on simplicity, the X theme doesn’t skimp on features.

It’s loaded with multiple designs to fit any need for your business. Featuring the innovative and customizable “stacks,” the X theme allows the user to create a unique website where multiple designs are the centerpiece of a website brimming with originality and flair.

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The X theme’s best asset is the ability to utilize the offering of multiple drag-and-drop page designs. There are four to choose from, and they all offer flexibility to craft your website.

The first stack of the four to highlight is Integrity. Touting an all-purpose design, Integrity shines for its’ professional and clean appearance. If you are looking to incorporate eCommerce with this stack, Integrity offers options to create something tailored to the central idea of the user’s business.

The in-demand WooCommerce powers Integrity and gives the user the ability to post a website that offers variety to the customer. There is a grace to this stack that elevates it among the drag-and-drop options for WordPress.

The second stack that X theme offers is named Renew.

This stack features a classic, flat look that is modern but doesn’t skimp on bells and whistles. What users love about Renew is that it includes optional design accents to give blogs that professional and highly designed look without the aggravation.

For those looking to post pictures, Renew sparkles with a flat approach that maximizes screen space and displays more of your art. As with the other stacks under the X theme umbrella, Renew offers an eCommerce solution that is simple and straightforward yet never loses its’ appeal for the customer.

Icon is the third stack featured in the X theme. This stack’s strength is for users who features written works prominently on their websites. Blogs are front-and-center in Icon reflecting the writer’s personality in the way of flexible options for maximum accessibility for your audiences.

Icon provides the user multiple background colors to choose from, assuring that the website will stand out. Another cool feature of this stack is the optional sidebar that can be utilized in making the user’s website feel like the customer’s favorite app.

Ethos is the final of the four customizable stacks offered in X theme. If your website’s main focus is posting articles, information or newspaper-style features then Ethos has been specifically tailored to your needs. The design is crisp and reader-friendly. Featuring the “Post Carousel” at the top of the page for quick scrolling through the latest posts,

Ethos can be smoothly navigated through with the simple click of a mouse. A real-time blog indexing feature makes sure that your visitors will be able to find the pages they seek within seconds. With the standard eCommerce and portfolio integration, products are streamlined and cleanly displayed for customers.

Plugins for the X Theme

With over 25 free extensions, the X theme places even more options at the fingertips of its’ users. One of the best extensions included is ConvertPlug. Using a creative pop-up, ConvertPlug gives the user the ability to create an easy way to build email lists, produce traffic to social media accounts associated with your website, redirect traffic to areas of interest, and present promotional videos. It’s a phenomenal tool for building your customer base.

Touted as one of the best front-page builders for WordPress, Cornerstone gives the user real-time updates on the changes they’re making to the site. No longer do you have to wait and see what the website looks like after you’ve done the work. This feature speeds up page editing and creates an efficiency that will save you time and money.

Another great feature of Cornerstone is the simple layout of the workflow. The user won’t be flooded with options, instead, they’ll use a clean, decluttered layout for building their webpage. Text can be quickly edited and substituted
on Cornerstone without hassle.

Content Dock is another eye-popping way to grab customers’ attention to relevant information. Using text inside a sliding box that appears on the page, Content Dock is customizable allowing the user to set the font, look and the pages the boxes will appear upon.

In addition to those three superstars, other free extensions for the X theme allow the user to create unique pages when dealing with 404 errors, areas for comments, email forms, payment forms, galleries for photos, instant links to posting Facebook comments, transitions, calendars and many other functional extensions that will accent your website.

Additional Features of the X Theme

Another way the X theme stands out is via the live previewer when editing the site. This feature gives the user the chance to see everything before it’s published. Logos, text edits, and the rearranging of web pages can be done without worry due to the live preview feature.

Shortcodes are common to WordPress, but Themco has developed several new, exciting ones for integration with X theme. Responsive Visibility gives the user the discretion to show specific items on the devices of their choosing. A Table of Contents allows customers to quickly decide where they’d like to navigate their attention on your website. There are dozens of other shortcodes available on X theme, all of them included for free.

Website owners will also be given the keys to the making the website look as they intend with numerous options for the layout and the way the customer will navigate pages. With the ability to include sidebars and stylishly box text or let it expand over the full page, users have plenty to choose from with each page they build upon their site.

Finally, if you’d like to bypass the drag-and-drop options of the stacks and start from scratch with your original idea, X theme will allow you to go crazy. Affordable and with a host of customizable features, X theme is the perfect WordPress theme to begin your site.

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