Penny Stocks that Made Millions for Tim Sykes

My freshman year of college, I was a 19 year old with $2,500 to my name after losing $5,000 in Apple stock.

I started trading penny stocks because big stocks were just too slow and boring for me. There was no way I was going to triple my $2,500 back to $7,500 anytime soon to where I had started a year before upon turning 18. Learning from my mistake of buying stocks without knowing what I was doing, I decided to take a different approach and learn first before investing.

Being brand new to penny stocks, I wanted to learn the secrets of people who are successful so I began doing research online to see what I could find. That’s when I came across Tim Sykes and his website TimothySykes.com.

As of date, Tim Sykes has made over $4.5 million in penny stocks and is the face of penny stocks so I felt confident learning from him and his community of traders he’s built across the internet who help each other learn and grow.

Tim Sykes has been detailing every trade he’s made for years, sharing it openly with you so that you can learn from his successes and failures to better your own trading strategies. Why is this so important to someone new who is trading penny stocks? Because of how many scam artists that exist on the internet today claiming to be the next guru and successful by renting fake cars and showing fake bank accounts.

Tim’s transparency quickly takes down that security wall we instinctively have up when evaluating someone new for the first time. You’ll see he is the real deal with years of experience to help you avoid critical mistakes that can drain your trading account. He may come off with a cockiness, but deep down he genuinely loves helping others and seeing them succeed.

Believing in transparency, Tim Sykes created Profitly which is a stock trader’s dream. I soon learned of Profitly after reading several articles on Tim Sykes website and signed up for an account.

What is Profitly?

In simple terms, Profitly is a social network for stock traders. You can create a free account to start and sync it with your investment account (they use bank level security so no worries) in order to upload your trade history to share with others. It automatically pulls the purchase price, sale price, and profit for you but then it’s up to you to detail the trade and what happened so others can learn from it. Here is a screen shot of an example by Tim Sykes.


What are some of my favorite Profitly features?

Profitly has leader boards and community competitions making stock trading fun. You can follow other users and see their progress as a trader. Some traders do really well like Tim Grattani as you can see via his profit graph here.

tim grattani penny stocks sykes

Every time you upload your trades, Profitly calculates your net profit or loss as well as percentage gain so you can see the return you made or lost on the trade. Then as you saw above, it also tracks all your trades on a profit chart which allows you to see your growth over time.

Eventually, if you do well using Tim Syke’s trading strategies, you will see your graph start making that exponential curve as your account grows faster and faster.

Why I Recommend Learning Stocks from Tim Sykes

So after signing up for an account with Profitly, and uploading my trade history, I went back to Tim Sykes website and read as much as I could from his blog. Tons of valuable information he shares for free with the world.

The best way to fast track your learning though is courses. Courses compact all the key information you need to know in an organized manner making it easy and quick to digest. It saves hours of searching and reading random articles across the website.

I found that Tim Sykes had multiple courses and he even has a millionaire challenge where you become a trading challenge student of his and get access to his private community, training video library, as well as the multitude of resources he gives you. I highly recommend joining Tim Sykes millionaire trading challenge if you’re serious about becoming a better trader.

I also purchased his course on how to trade penny stocks called Penny Stocking which you can check out as well as the several other courses he has published.

These courses are amazing for beginner traders. It helped me get up to speed on how to perform research, what to look for in the charts, and other technical factors to consider when trading penny stocks. I was able to start building back my portfolio after suffering losses in Apple that made it almost impossible to come back from in a short amount of time. Penny stocks, however, give you opportunity to take a small amount of money and grow it over time through Tim Sykes trading strategies.

If you have any questions about Tim Sykes, Profitly, or any of his courses leave me a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer!

Join Tim Sykes Millionaire Trader Challenge Here

Be great,

Nick Foy